Reading & Research: Vital University Library Websites

For students, the most important aspect of a library might well be its web page, the portal through which the library’s digital collections are accessed. Many universities only offer complete online library access to their students and community members. However, there are usually some resources, or at least indices of what materials are in the collections, that can be used by anyone with internet access. The University library websites on this list offer varying levels of access, but many of them have amazing informational assets that savvy researchers should know about, including:

– Databases of scholarly journals
– Digitized versions of historical documents
– Instructions for properly citing sources in APA, MLA, and other recognized styles

This list should not be considered a ranking, and it is generally categorized and numbered for easier navigation of the list.

    Public Colleges & Universities

  1. Berkeley Library

    Berkeley Library

    The Berkeley Library has subscriptions to a long list of academic journals, as well as data and GIS services. These are crucial services for students in today’s universities.

    College/University: University of California, Berkeley

  2. Purdue University Libraries

    Purdue University Libraries

    Purdue University Libraries has some of the best content featured through their site, partially because they’re able to team up with the Purdue Online Writing Lab. The site helps detail Learning & Information Literacy, along with the latest scholarly developments.

    College/University: Illinois State University

  3. George Mason University Libraries

    George Mason University Libraries

    Offering a number of services to students, including online tutorials, workshops, distance education support, inter-campus borrowing, and reference services, the George Mason University Library is an extremely valuable resource. These tools help to service the academic success of students.

    College/University: George Mason University

  4. UNC Chapel Hill Libraries

    UNC Chapel Hill Libraries

    The UNC library offers students more than just a place to study and research, but also a place to continue to learn new skills, practice technology and embrace culture. Their online catalogs cover subjects including film and literature, science, and world history.

    College/University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  5. University of Washington: University Libraries

    University of Washington: University Libraries

    This library website is a great place to find information on current events and courses for the university. There’s also information for graduate students for graduate funding, citation management, and more.

    College/University: University of Washington

  6. University of Wisconsin — Madison Libraries

    University of Wisconsin -- Madison Libraries

    University of Wisconsin offers users access to images, manuscripts, papers and books from around Wisconsin and the world. One of their distinct study features is a lesson plan guide where student studying teaching can download lesson plans for potential classroom use.

    College/University: University of Wisconsin — Madison

  7. Albertsons Library

    Albertsons Library

    The Boise library offers lectures to students on seasonal and regional topics. They also have extensive digital collections focused on historical events, photography, and political events.

    College/University: Boise State University

  8. North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries

    North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries

    This Library’s emphasis on large-scale visualization supports the diverse teaching and research mission of the university while providing a uniquely powerful tool for problem solving. They also provide flexible and diverse learning spaces that model the next generation of cutting-edge classrooms and learning.

    College/University: North Carolina State University

  9. UVU Library

    UVU Library

    UVU library has access to over 70,000 journals in over 100 databases and over 500,000 books including eBooks. Their website offers live help, connecting students with librarians and staff.

    College/University: Utah Valley University

  10. University of Oklahoma Libraries

    University of Oklahoma Libraries

    The University of Oklahoma library is the largest research library in the state of Oklahoma. It contains more than 5 million volumes, 75,000 serials subscriptions (print and electronic), and 300 databases. It has even been has been a depository library for federal government documents since 1893.

    College/University: University of Oklahoma

  11. Claire T. Carney Library


    The Claire T. Carney Library of Umass Dartmouth is a phenomenal resource for researchers in all subjects. Their Primo Discovery and Access Service and access to a wide array of scholarly databases makes this library’s website highly useful.

    College/University: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  12. Portland State University Library

    Portland State University Library

    The Library provides free access to the Chronicle of Higher Education to PSU students. They also offer access to a number of online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and research management tools.

    College/University: Portland State University

  13. UW Libraries

    UW Libraries

    UW Libraries has several special collections – including some government and historical documents – and a catalog of online journals, eBooks, and eAudio books. While not all of the resources are available to non-students, UW Libraries still serves as an excellent example of a beautifully designed, useful and comprehensive university library website.

    College/University: University of Wyoming

  14. OSLU Libraries

    OSLU Libraries

    The OSLU libraries provide some very unique resources, including a live chat feature, access to webinars and eCampus course guides. They also have access to over a hundred scholarly journals, some with information dating all the way back to the 1920s.

    College/University: Oregon State University

  15. University of Minnesota Libraries

    University of Minnesota Libraries

    The University of Minnesota Libraries allows users to use an impressive number of databases, but don’t stop there. They have some of the best support options for instructors and researchers to refine projects with larger scopes as well. Additionally, those interested in the history of the university can use the Campus History Map to learn as much as possible.

    College/University: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  16. Elihu Burritt Library

    Elihu Burritt Library

    Elihu Burrit Library has a variety of integrative tools for making your research paper the best possible through a page that is easy to operate and provides a great way to find peer-reviewed articles, theses, journal and newspaper articles, and more. They’ve also recently implemented an innovative featured called CentralSEARCH, which allows for searching any part of the library’s database quickly and accurately.

    College/University: Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)

  17. The City University of New York Libraries

    The City University of New York Libraries

    The CUNY library offers online, full text access to reference, business, legal, and humanities magazines and journals. Additionally, almost all campus libraries respond to phone and e-mail inquiries and some offer instant or text messaging.

    College/University: City University of New York

  18. Robert W Van Houten Library

    Robert W Van Houten Library

    Robert W. Van Houten Library has a useful search engine and keeps viewers updated on all publications made by authors from NJIT. Additionally, their blog has great supplementary tools for seeing what developments are going to be taking place at the library.

    College/University: New Jersey Institute of Technology

  19. University of British Columbia Library

    University of British Columbia Library

    The University of British Columbia has a library dedicated to helping students with every step of their research. From planning research with guides on how to write a bibliography, cite correctly and avoid plagiarism, to finding resources through government publications to primary sources to image sources, to evaluating research, and even publishing projects, this library is a crucial tool in a student’s life.

    College/University: The University of British Columbia

  20. Library and collections | McGill Library – McGill University

    Library and collections | McGill Library - McGill University

    McGill University has subject guides that make for informative pieces on developing research on just about any subject matter. The straightforward layout of the library website is inviting and easy to navigate.

    College/University: McGill University

  21. Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library

    Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library

    The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library is an incredibly impressive resource that features contemporary resources for an array of archival materials. They supplement this with research guides, digital collections, interesting exhibits, and more.

    College/University: University of Montana

  22. David and Lorraine Cheng Library

    David and Lorraine Cheng Library

    The David and Lorraine Cheng Library has a great “Chat with a Librarian” feature that makes it even easier to locate what one is looking for. For researchers having trouble articulating exactly what is desired, the site makes finding just about anything more intuitive.

    College/University: William Paterson University

  23. University of Alberta Libraries

    University of Alberta Libraries

    The University of Alberta Libraries is able to balance fun, intellectual, and engaging with their colorful posts that illustrate unique collections and great educational events. Their unique collections include Peel’s Prairie Provinces, the Samuel Steele Collection, and an Education & Research Archive.

    College/University: University of Alberta

  24. University of Maryland Libraries

    University of Maryland Libraries

    The University of Maryland libraries feature a tool called Uborrow, enabling students search for and request print books directly from 15 major university libraries and the Center for Research Libraries, with combined collections of more than 90 million volumes. UBorrow is a service of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, which is comprised of the universities of the Big Ten Conference plus the University of Chicago. This service offers a surplus of research tools to students.

    College/University: University of Maryland

  25. J. Willard Marriott Library

    J. Willard Marriott Library

    The J. Willard Marriot Library from the University of Utah makes using their university library website so easy by having a wide selection of “Quick Links” to choose from that make it easy to sift through online journals, research consultation, media streaming, and other great information.

    College/University: University of Utah

  26. Texas A&M University Libraries

    Texas A&M University Libraries

    Texas A&M University Libraries keeps a simple layout on their page for ensuring that it’s the absolute easiest to navigate. A section of the page is entirely devoted to scrolling through all the developments in the library.

    College/University: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

  27. University of Georgia Libraries

    University of Georgia Libraries

    The University of Georgia Libraries display impressive prowess when it comes to the detailed content on their site, including a multi-search feature, Google Scholar, and great special collections.

    College/University: University of Georgia

  28. James Madison University Libraries

    James Madison University Libraries

    The James Madison library website allows you to join a study group or book group from online. Students can also find event information for goings on around campus, like career coaching events or research workshops.

    College/University: James Madison University

  29. Western Libraries

    Western Libraries

    This library brings the best and most current study and research tools to students. They have access to research management websites, scholarly databases, citation guides and style manuals, as well as access to knowledgeable librarians.

    College/University: Western Washington University

  30. Lamar Soutter Library

    Lamar Soutter Library

    The University of Massachusetts Medical School library has tools for clinicians, researchers, nurses, medical students, public health workers, and patients and consumers. Their online database access includes Boston Library Consortium products and resources as well as their own research collections.

    College/University: University of Massachusetts Medical School

  31. Henry Whittemore Library

    Henry Whittemore Library

    The Henry Whittemore Library features over 200,000 volumes, including 70,000 electronic journals, which helps propel it to being as notable as it is. The front page of the site emphasizes convenience by keeping quick links available for finding books, articles, many resources, and more.

    College/University: Framingham State University

  32. Richard E. Bjork Library

    Richard E. Bjork Library

    The Richard E. Bjork Library has a few unique and notable facets that comprise it, namely SCOLAR, or Stockton College Online Library Archive & Repository, and a Holocaust Resource Center. These help differentiate the library from many others and establish the library as one of the more prominent in the country.

    College/University: Stockton College

  33. Brotherton Library

    Brotherton Library

    Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds features a colorful layout and exhibit features that jump out at the viewer. The front page makes sure that users are updated on the latest developments in the library and invites them to check out their thorough exhibits.

    College/University: University of Leeds

  34. CMU University Libraries

    CMU University Libraries

    CMU University Libraries features a great library site that makes it easy to find resources online, specifically through CONDOR, an online repository focused on providing all the scholarly research available through the university.

    College/University: Central Michigan University

  35. EWU Libraries

    EWU Libraries

    Eastern Washington University Libraries is a fantastic network of libraries and their section for disabled persons reinforces their commitment to inclusion and equality. From a detailed section on the latest developments to an “Ask a Librarian” feature that’s readily accessible, it is a worthwhile tool.

    College/University: Eastern Washington University

  36. UC Davis University Library

    UC Davis University Library

    UC Davis University Library has thorough information available that paints a great picture of how they’ve taken strides to develop into a leading institution for scholarly work and research. They often offer classes to the staff to make sure they’re the most educated on assisting students online.

    College/University: University of California, Davis

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    Private Schools

  38. The University of Chicago Library

    The University of Chicago Library

    As one of the premier universities in the country, The University of Chicago features an impressive library system designed to cater to the needs of students, while offering unique content that is worthwhile and engaging. The site’s front page is one of the most expansive on the list and their news section has great pieces on literature and art throughout history.

    College/University: University of Chicago

  39. Yale University Library

    Yale University Library

    Yale’s resources are spread out over several libraries, including divinity, law, medical, art, and other specialty libraries. All support high levels of student scholarship through over 15 million print volumes and texts as well as access to extensive research databases.

    College/University: Yale University

  40. New York University Libraries

    New York University Libraries

    New York University Libraries keeps useful tabs on their page that make it much easier to connect with research materials desired, along with videos, music, and expansive databases. Their BobCat feature is a great tool for locating just about anything related to research assistance.

    College/University: New York University

  41. CM University Libraries

    CM University Libraries

    This library can instantly put you u in touch with a librarian to help you find the right research tools. They have special collections in architecture, art, and literature as well.

    College/University: Carnegie Mellon University

  42. EuroDocs at Harold B. Lee Library – BYU

    EuroDocs at Harold B. Lee Library - BYU

    The BYU library offers students a wealth of resources, both academic and practical. Some of these include bibliography resources, career resources, tax information, and theses helps.

    College/University: Brigham Young University

  43. Eastern University Libraries

    Eastern University Libraries

    Eastern University Libraries have a number of academic databases available to their students, including Google Scholar, JSTOR, Lexis Nexis and many more. They also have other tools including dissertation help, media resources, and research guides.

    College/University: Eastern University

  44. Penn Libraries

    Penn Libraries

    Penn Library offers its students educational workshops in the library on topics such as “Intro to Excel” and “Copyright Clinic”. Their collections and databases are organized by subjects, including energy, Chinese history, chemistry, music, and more.

    College/University: University of Pennsylvania

  45. Mark O. Hatfield Library

    Mark O. Hatfield Library

    This library has archives and special collections for student research dating back hundreds of years. There are papers, photographs, memorabilia and audiovisual materials regarding matters of state and politics, as well as art and education.

    College/University: Willamette University

  46. Harvard Library

    Harvard Library

    The Harvard library is just as dynamic as their academic programs. They have a long list of featured events, staff picked book lists, archived research projects, and several ways for students to submit and contribute their own research, all in addition to the library’s extensive collection of journals, images, music scores, maps, and manuscripts.

    College/University: Harvard University

  47. Arnold Bernhard Library

    Arnold Bernhard Library

    Arnold Bernhard Library from Quinnipiac University features a gorgeous front page and an impressive collection of resources to pick from. The Qcat Online Catalog displays interesting pieces, while the journals at Quinnipiac section emphasize work that is solely available through the university.

    College/University: Quinnipiac University

  48. USC Libraries

    USC Libraries

    USC offers access to some of the most prestigious academic databases, including Google Scholar, JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis, the OED, PubMed, WorldCat and several others. These offer students resources to articles, papers, and projects by scholars in many different fields that support their own work in academics.

    College/University: University of Southern California

  49. Robert H. Goddard Library

    Robert H. Goddard Library

    The Robert H. Goddard Library lets users work through various journals and course reserves, all while equipping them with engaging events and varying research tools. Named after the father of modern rocketry, the library lives up to its namesake.

    College/University: Clark University

  50. Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library

    Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library

    George Washington University’s library gives a special nod to its history through archives that preserve the history of Vernon Seminary and College, an all-women’s educational institution founded in 1875 and absorbed by the George Washington University in 1999, and also through their collection of faculty and alumni papers. The libraries research and collections availability are also extended to its alumni.

    College/University: George Washington University

  51. Columbia University Libraries

    Columbia University Libraries

    As one of the most renowned universities in the country, it would only make sense that Columbia University has a dense array of library sources to pull from. The site featured wide-ranging content that includes the latest news to hit libraries and interactive e-resources.

    College/University: Columbia University

  52. University of New England Library Services

    University of New England Library Services

    The University of New England Library Services is a great library website from a university, specifically because of the worthwhile feature of being able to search by for information by subject and an expansive eBook selection. Additionally, their DUNE: DigitalUNE allows for university members to contribute works and create a more thorough database of information from which to understand scholarly writings at the university.

    College/University: University of New England

  53. The Sheridan Libraries

    The Sheridan Libraries

    The Sheridan Libraries have every resource a student needs to navigate college. Their tools include citing sources, dissertation requirements, tips for being off campus and distance learners, as well as a blog that highlights academic events and current campus happenings.

    College/University: Johns Hopkins University

  54. Falvey Memorial Library

    Falvey Memorial Library

    The library at Villanova University is a student’s home for research support, subject guides, electronic databases, and useful links. Their website is user friendly with all a student access links and all library news on the home page, as well as links to contact librarians and library hours.

    College/University: Villanova University

  55. Brown University Library

    Brown University Library

    Brown University Library has a great starting point for students looking to get involved in research projects, specifically through their Center for Digital Scholarship, which features a U.S. Epigraphy Project and Mapping Colonial Americas Publishing.

    College/University: Brown University

  56. Syracuse University Libraries

    Syracuse University Libraries

    Syracuse University Libraries has an impressive display of content on their front page, which highlights notable lecturers, the latest news relating to libraries, databases they recommend, in addition to fantastic databases and collections.

    College/University: Syracuse University

  57. Robert W. Woodruff Library

    Robert W. Woodruff Library

    This library is a research and learning center, but also host to events and exhibitions meant to encourage reading and student involvement. They offer author talks, lectures, poetry, and art exhibitions year round, as well as post regular blog posts about how to utilize all of the library features to make the most of the resources available.

    College/University: Emory University

  58. Bentley University Library

    Bentley University Library

    Bentley Library features a selection of downloadable books from OverDrive and their search features on the website make it great to find articles, journal entries, books, and more.

    College/University: Bentley University

  59. Wilmington University Library

    Wilmington University Library

    Wilmington University Library keeps its format simple and easy to use, while providing a library catalog for the whole state of Delaware. They also have a useful Library Journal Locator that lets students quickly work through a large journal selection to find the content desired.

    College/University: Wilmington University

  60. Dartmouth College Library

    Dartmouth College Library

    Dartmouth supports research and teaching through an extensive library collection that includes 2.65 million print books, 639,000 eBooks, 80,000 digital journals and databases, as well as thousands of maps, recordings, photos, and other materials. They also have Kindle ereaders available for students to check out and digital resources available for mobile devices.

    College/University: Dartmouth College

  61. Duke University Libraries

    Duke University Libraries

    Duke Library engages with students by taking projects out of classrooms and expanding them. From writing workshops to presentation on analyzing data for research projects to catering presentations for niche crowds like students who love old manuscripts and maps, this library attempts to create learning at all levels.

    College/University: Duke University

  62. Riggs Library

    Riggs Library

    Riggs Library is home to over 3.5 million books, including 1.25 million eBooks. Students requested over 1.8 million full-text articles from their databases in 2013. The library also hosts workshops on topics like video editing, video production, social media production, and Photoshop so that students can engage with topics that might fall outside of their major.

    College/University: Georgetown University

  63. Greenawalt Library

    Greenawalt Library

    Greenawalt Library from Northwestern Health Sciences University makes it easy for students to locate required course materials, new arrivals, and great historical content from their useful page. They also make it incredibly easy to attain the research assistance needed when working with databases.

    College/University: Northwestern Health Sciences University

  64. Princeton University Library

    Princeton University Library

    Princeton has several libraries in its library services section, catering to different majors and interests. With their own databases, librarians, and research helps, Princeton has an architecture library, East Asian library, engineering library, humanities library, music library, science library, and still more that function with their own staff, hours, and resources.

    College/University: Princeton University

  65. D’Amour Library

    D'Amour Library

    D’Amour Library has impressive tools, such as their WILDPAC: Library Catalog and subject guides. There’s also a section designed specifically for online students, so you can always be sure to find the content you need.

    College/University: Western New England University

  66. Hofstra University Library

    Hofstra University Library

    One way that the Hofstra library embraces its student body is through recognizing the diverse, multicultural nature of the Hofstra University community and creating collections that reflect these multiple perspectives. They also offer one-click access to EasyBib, an automatic online bibliography and citation generator for use in research papers.

    College/University: Hofstra University

  67. Hoffman Family Library

    Hoffman Family Library

    Hoffman Family Library has great resources for getting involved with the library community and for finding anything one might need for research endeavors. They supplement the website with a great blog to comment on all the latest happenings in the world.

    College/University: Goodwin College

  68. Wyndham Robertson Library

    Wyndham Robertson Library

    With a straightforward layout and a stream of all their tweets, Wyndham Robertson Library ensures that users will be able to find the content they need while staying updated on all developments that take place. Unlike many other libraries, the library page features a music library and section on government documents.

    College/University: Hollins University

  69. Rochester Institute of Technology Library

    Rochester Institute of Technology Library

    With research help from the library at RIT, students can learn how to best prevent plagiarism, construct a research paper, find accurate sources, stay on track with a dissertation or thesis and even submit their own scholarly work. Their website is easy to navigate, so students can quickly and easily find the help they need.

    College/University: Rochester Institute of Technology

  70. Boston University Libraries

    Boston University Libraries

    Boston University Libraries provides a staggering number of guides on how to research, create bibliographies, and other how-to guides. It’s incredibly useful because they also have an integrative interlibrary borrowing tool.

    College/University: Boston University

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    State Schools

  72. George A. Smathers Libraries – University of Florida

    George A. Smathers Libraries - University of Florida

    George A. Smathers Libraries from the University of Florida has an easy-to-search database and a stream of all the latest news to hit their library network, so you can always be sure to find the latest research material. Their defining feature is their Map and Imagery Library, which has comprehensive satellite and aerial pictures of Florida.

    College/University: University of Florida

  73. Iowa State University e-Library


    Many schools have a library, but Iowa State University is leading the way by creating an e-Library that is focused on providing the largest collection of electronic books in areas such as engineering, mathematics, veterinary medicine, and more.

    College/University: Iowa State University

  74. The University of Texas Libraries

    The University of Texas Libraries

    This library offers classes for students to improve their study and research skills, including “how to become an Advanced Google Scholar”, “managing citations”, and “conducting a literature review.” Some other research tools include inviting a librarian to join a course’s Blackboard site and using the library and university’s webspace to publish and store files and research projects.

    College/University: The University of Texas at Austin

  75. Maxwell Library

    Maxwell Library

    Maxwell Library keeps their page easy to navigate with very simple tabs for viewing items like the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog. The site also features a great video streaming service.

    College/University: Bridgewater State University

  76. Pennsylvania State University Libraries

    Pennsylvania State University Libraries

    Penn State University Libraries provide a few different search option on their site, including books, journals, eJournals, databases, and more. The site has a great breakdown of upcoming events as well.

    College/University: Pennsylvania State University

  77. KU Libraries

    KU Libraries

    The KU students have access to over 3.3 million articles online and 4.4 mission print volumes of materials. They also have a hands-on library staff, teaching students – in the library and in classroom settings -how to best use all available library resources.

    College/University: University of Kansas

  78. University at Buffalo Libraries

    University at Buffalo Libraries

    At the UB libraries, each major has a librarian who can help you with a student’s information and subject needs. There is also a designated library that is open 24/7 during spring and fall semesters for students completing research projects and studying for exams.

    College/University: University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

  79. University of Virginia Library


    In addition to the online catalog, the Library offers subject guides as well as in-person help. Their list of databases and journal finder tools can also help students find specific articles, datasets, and more.

    College/University: University of Virginia

  80. Rutgers University Libraries

    Rutgers University Libraries

    One of the great research features at the Rutgers library is Articles+, a new tool that allows you to search for articles – and more – from hundreds of library databases using a single search box. They also have an electronic database for past theses and dissertations uploaded by Rutgers graduates.

    College/University: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

  81. Harry A. Sprague Library

    Harry A. Sprague Library

    While the library at Montclair State University offers an online list of periodicals, newspapers, and reference databases to students on and off campus, they also have a list of streaming audio and video available. They also have a regularly updated list of new acquisitions organized by subjects so students can see what the library has recently purchased.

    College/University: Montclair State University

  82. WSU Stewart Library

    WSU Stewart Library

    The Weber State University library organizes their services by need, including faculty, students, and online learner. Online learners can directly access their class materials, view helpful library instruction materials and access catalogs and needed research materials.

    College/University: Weber State University

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    Liberal Arts

  84. J. Eugene Smith Library

    J. Eugene Smith Library

    Some of the research tools that the J. Eugene Smith Library offers its student population are subject guides, writing guides, and primary sources guides, all meant to provide students with the ability to successfully write, research, and study throughout their college career. Their collections are well organized and students have easy access to all electronic and computer-based resources.

    College/University: Eastern Connecticut State University

  85. University Libraries: The University of the Arts

    University Libraries: The University of the Arts

    As such a wide-ranging organization as The University of the Arts, their library system shows off an impressive front page. It shows off an image database, e-Journal Finder, and an Audio/Video Searching Tool. It’s also very useful for students who are new to college and looking for effective writing guides catering to beginners.

    College/University: University of the Arts

  86. St. Lawrence University Libraries


    St. Lawrence University Libraries breaks material on their front page down into a number of subjects, and then subcategories, that make it easier for finding a wealth of content relevant to what is sought. Scrolling down on the home page introduces users to a film database, an encyclopedia of global warming and climate change, ways to attain more student loans, and other great tools.

    College/University: St. Lawrence University

  87. Blough-Weis Library

    Blough-Weis Library

    Blough-Weis Library from Susquehanna University emphasizes simplicity for the purpose of being one of the easiest online library resources to use. The front page features just a search bar for navigating the library, but this isn’t meant to undercut the materials available, as it features one of the most expansive film libraries, with over 12,000 full-length educational films and 170,000 film clips.

    College/University: Susquehanna University

  88. University of Mary Washington Libraries

    University of Mary Washington Libraries

    The University of Mary Washington Libraries features a great search engine with fairly comprehensive digital archives. The Library News section also features useful how-to information relating to any news developments.

    College/University: University of Mary Washington

  89. Oglethorpe University Library

    Oglethorpe University Library

    Oglethorpe University Library displays impressive tact concerning their library services online, specifically regarding research. Their digital collections paint a thorough picture of what life at the university has been like for decades, which gives valuable context to those interested in attending.

    College/University: Oglethorpe University

  90. Shenandoah University Libraries

    Shenandoah University Libraries

    Shenandoah University Libraries has a well partitioned front page that makes it easier to quickly disseminate the information sought. Their section on research tools is particularly insightful because it also provides a guide on plagiarism and good mobile research apps.

    College/University: Shenandoah University

  91. The Watkinson Library & College Archives

    The Watkinson Library & College Archives

    The Watkinson Library & College Archives helps facilitate a stronger bond between the school and students by bringing in wonderful collections and exhibitions to diversify campus life. The library also includes great resources on refining papers and a great bibliography piece.

    College/University: Trinity College

  92. Wesleyan University Library

    Wesleyan University Library

    By putting students in touch with some of the best resources on materials for writing papers and implementing new research, Wesleyan University makes it easier to access many useful types of research work. It’s also available to be viewed on mobile items as well.

    College/University: Wesleyan University

  93. Bates Library

    Bates Library

    Bates Library is made up of multiple libraries that feature news from around Bates College and they have impressive eCollections such as ARTstor Image Collection, New York Times, and popular newspaper archives.

    College/University: Bates College

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    Other Categories

  95. Bodleian Libraries

    Bodleian Libraries

    There are several dozen libraries connected to the Universities at Oxford. Most of them cater to rare books and manuscripts, maps, music, digitized collections and numerous special interest collections centered around particular events or topics of interest to scholars.

    College/University: University of Oxford

  96. Old Library of St. John’s College at Cambridge University

    Old Library of St. John’s College at Cambridge University

    The Cambridge Library is large and houses many different collections, including the Old Library and Rare Books Reading Room – one of their main contributions to student research is access to early manuscripts and early printed books. They also have an exhibition area that is important for scholars, as well as the public.

    College/University: St. John’s College at Cambridge University

  97. Trinity College Library Dublin

    Trinity College Library Dublin

    Trinity College Library Dublin features the TARA Institutional Repository, the 1872 Catalogue Online, MARLOC, and many more collections often not featured at other universities. The library news area is sure to always keep users updated on the latest developments in their digital offerings.

    College/University: Trinity College Dublin

  98. Saint Francis University Library

    Saint Francis University Library

    Saint Francis University Library features a well-organized site with an inviting layout detailing all the books, databases, and research guides featured at the library. Those interested in workshops should be sure to utilize their “Workshops” section as well.

    College/University: Saint Francis University

  99. Boston College University Libraries

    Boston College University Libraries

    Boston College University Libraries features a collection of over 500,000 eBooks and an open access digital archive of 20th century Italian literature for users to view and contribute to. The news bar on the right side of the home page gives a great overview of faculty publications, as well as upcoming events.

    College/University: Boston College

  100. John M Flaxman Library

    John M Flaxman Library

    The John M. Flaxman Library is home to more than 120,000 items focused on 20th- and 21st-century visual arts, design, architecture, criticism, theory, and philosophy. These collections are supplemented by eBooks and databases that provide an expanded range of topics, including information on business, education, the sciences, and technology.

    College/University: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  101. Neumont University Library

    Neumont University Library

    One important feature of the Neumont University Library is the Writing Center. It houses copies of industry periodicals, course text books, leisure reading materials, and a variety of current computer industry periodicals. It’s also an excellent place for seeking assistance on course papers and improving knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

    College/University: Neumont University

  102. Gumberg Library

    Gumberg Library

    Gumberg Library utilizes the front page of their site by making it intuitive for students to find all the resources needed to aptly prepare presentations, research, and view engaging digital databases. The site has impressive aid for those working on electronic theses and dissertations as well.

    College/University: Duquesne University

  103. Connelly Library

    Connelly Library

    Connelly Library from La Salle University has a great section on the newest resources they have, which allows for users to consistently say updated on the latest research publications to become available. The rotating Special Collections are also sure to keep the attention of anyone looking for unique content online.

    College/University: La Salle University

  104. Niagara University Library

    Niagara University Library

    Niagara University Library has a collection of over 200,000 eBooks that emphasize their commitment to digital excellence and they are always sure to convey the latest news. Between their online polls and featured links, users can always be sure to find the best digital content.

    College/University: Niagara University

  105. Regina Library

    Regina Library

    Regina Library at Rivier University features different databases each week, a tutorial of the week, and even put all the library tutorials on YouTube, which equips users with even more knowledge to proficiently navigate their site. Their “LibGuides” area makes a great research foundation for the next research endeavor as well.

    College/University: Rivier University

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