Twitter Accounts Every #PhD Should Follow

Students at every stage of higher education have embraced online communication and social media as a way to find other people with similar academic interests. This trend carries all the way up into doctoral and even postdoctoral studies, and a strong community of PhDs and PhD candidates has formed online to discuss the current state of academic research and share the difficulties of creating and defending research propositions and theses. The #PhDChat discussion on Twitter, moderated by Nasima Riazat, brings together one of the most vibrant communities of PhDs, postdoctoral students, professors, and other academics to discuss issues that are relevant to anyone who is pursuing doctoral studies, or even considering it.


  1. @NSRiazat


    Nasima Riazat moderates #PhDChat, a series on Twitter that allows individuals to discuss pressing issues concerning PhD work in a forward-thinking forum. Currently, she is working on PhD research in capacity building, distributed leadership, leadership science, and more.

    Also Check Out: Refashioning School Leadership

  2. @thesiswhisperer


    The Thesis Whisperer is run by Dr. Inger Mewburn, a professor at Australia’s National University. She provides great intomation to help others on their theses.

    Also Check Out: The Thesis Whisperer

  3. @researchwhisper


    The Research Whisperer helps PhD students with every aspect of their research and gives useful tips on how to approach different doctoral candidate endeavors.

    Also Check Out: The Research Whisperer

  4. @researchremix


    Heather Piwowar runs Research Remix a blog that discusses research data and its use. Additionally, she cofounded Impact Story, a web app designed to enable researchers to track and better understand the impact of their work.

    Also Check Out: Research Remix

  5. @T_Q_R


    The Qualitative Report is a weekly online journal that focuses on qualitative research and enabling others to have access to it. The site tweets many different research tools and news pieces concerning it.

    Also Check Out: The Qualitative Report

  6. @ecrchat


    Katie Wheat and Hazel Ferguson jointly run ECR Chat, a weekly global career development chat for Early Career Researchers. It provides a bunch of great tools for PhD candidates to make better informed decisions throughout their graduate career.

    Also Check Out: ECR Chat

  7. @timeshighered


    Times Higher Education is one of the most accredited sources for news concerning higher education. Based in London, they regularly tweet fantastic articles and resources for every facet of higher education.

    Also Check Out: Times Higher Education

  8. @figshare


    Figshare is a tool designed for PhD candidates to be able to have their research shared, cited, and made visible, all for free. They tweet useful information pertaining to post-grads as well.

    Also Check Out: Figshare

  9. @Berci


    Dr. Berci Mesko is the awarding winning medical blogger who uses his Twitter to highlight different developments in the medical field. Additionally, he runs and speaks at various events internationally.

    Also Check Out: The Medical Futurist

  10. @venturejessica


    Jessica Richman is a PhD student at the University of Oxford with an impressive resume, including speaking at a TED conference. She’s the CEO of uBiome, a crowdfunded project aimed at sequencing the human microbiome.

    Also Check Out: uBiome

  11. @PaulbernalUK


    Paul Bernal has a PhD from the London School of Economics and provides fantastic advice for prospective PhD students looking for knowledge from esteemed PhD candidates.

    Also Check Out: Paul Bernal’s Blog

  12. @raulpacheco


    Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega is a professor at the esteemed Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económica in Mexico and specializes in water governance, comparative public policy, and environmental politics.

    Also Check Out: Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD

  13. @mark_carrigan


    Mark Carrigan has extensive experience concerning PhDs and is a sociologist at the University of Warwick, one of the best universities concerning sociology.

    Also Check Out: Mark Carrigan

  14. @ranilillanjum


    Rani Lill Anjum works at UMBNO, a university in Norway and manages a list of over 1,300 academic philosophers. She helped co-author Getting Causes from Powers, a book that details causation and ontological theory.

    Also Check Out: Rani Lill Anjum

  15. @pannapacker


    Professor William Pannapacker teaches English at Hope College, columnist and blogger for The Chronicle of Higher Education, as well as a contributor to The New York Times and Slate Magazine. His impressive resume of experience concerning PhDs is well noted.

    Also Check Out: William Pannapacker

  16. @ChrisParrTHE


    Chris Parr is the Social Media Reporter at Times Higher Education, a site intently focused on the higher education debate. It’s a great resource for gaining a more thorough understanding of any element of the higher education system, particularly PhDs.

    Also Check Out: Times Higher Education

  17. @symphily


    Tobey Steeves works at The University of British Columbia and is immersed in building a better learning model for the 21st century.

    Also Check Out: (De/Re)-constructing teachers and their work : a discourse analysis of British Columbia’s 21st-century policy agenda

  18. @martin_eve


    Dr. Martin Paul Eve lectures on English Literature at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom and discusses different educational issues.

    Also Check Out: Dr Martin Paul Eve

  19. @NCRMUK


    The National Centre for Research Methods is a fantastic resource for more information on a variety of PhD-related information. They regularly tweet different news concerning research methods.

    Also Check Out: National Centre for Research Methods

  20. @ana_adi


    Ana Adi is the head of international development at Bournemouth University and has previously been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. She regularly tweets high-quality sources regarding PhD material.

    Also Check Out: Ana Adi

  21. @debbiefuco


    Debbie Fucoloro runs The Educators’ Café, a site focused on integrating technology with teaching to promote better teaching methods. Her Twitter underlines her commitment to PhD curriculums and methods.

    Also Check Out: The Educators’ Cafe

  22. @superlinguo


    Superlinguo is a site run by two linguists that focus on different issues in language and provide interesting insight. Their Twitter feed is useful to find other great educational sources.

    Also Check Out: Superlinguo

  23. @paideiarebel


    Revolutionary Paideia is run by Antonio M. Daniels, a PhD student and research associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The site publishes pieces consisting of largely cultural commentary and Antonio’s Twitter supplements with interesting readings.

    Also Check Out: Revolutionary Paideia

  24. @evalantsoght


    PhD Talk is run by Dr. Eva Lantsoght, a Post Doc at Delft University of Technology. She tweets useful information on a variety of social subjects and is a great source of PhD information.

    Also Check Out: PhD Talk

  25. @EmmaBurnettx


    Emma Burnett runs Emma’s Blog, a great source for PhD candidates to get information on different research methods and tips.

    Also Check Out: Emma’s Blog

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  1. @VivaSurvivors


    Viva Survivors is a podcast by PhD graduates, highlighting their research and life after getting a PhD. Tweets cover the different podcasts and bits of content featured on them.

    Also Check Out: Viva Survivors

  2. @emma_darwin


    Emma Darwin is an author, writer, teacher, and public speaker with a PhD in creative writing. Her tweets on writing, editing, and creative process have value for writers and academics of all stripes

    Also Check Out:

  3. @explorstyle


    Explorations of Style focuses on academic writing for graduate students and the particular obstacles that exist when writing at a graduate or post-graduate level.

    Also Check Out: Explorations of Style

  4. @anniemurphypaul


    Annie Murphy Paul is an educational author and publishes useful information pertaining to post graduate work and different theoretical analysis.

    Also Check Out: Annie Murphy Paul

  5. @laurapasquini


    Laura Pasquini is a PhD candidate currently and also contributes to different discussions on Twitter as they concern higher education and PhD students. She also is the editor of LPQuarterly, an open access journal hosted by the University of North Texas that focuses on different academic content.

    Also Check Out: TechKNOW Tools

  6. @miss_mcinerney


    Laura McInerney is working on her PhD in Education Policy and also writes for The Guardian, among other publications. Her interest in charters, free schools, and academies provides a wealth of useful information for prospective PhD students.

    Also Check Out: Laura McInerney

  7. @PhD2Published


    PhD2Published is a go-to site for PhD candidates looking for information on how to get published in different academic journals and other sources.

    Also Check Out: PhD2Published

  8. @moorejh


    Dr. Jason H. Moore runs, a site that is part of the computational genetics laboratory in the institute for quantitative biomedical sciences at Dartmouth College. His tweets look at different educational and biomedical issues.

    Also Check Out: epistasis . org

  9. @TravisSaunders


    Travis Saunders runs Obesity Panacea and currently is a PhD candidate. His Twitter feed provides ample first-hand experiences on the PhD process.

    Also Check Out: Obesity Panacea

  10. @socscispace


    Socialsciencespace is a social network with an intent focus on cultivating an environment for social scientists to connect and discuss big issues in social science.

    Also Check Out: Social Science Space

  11. @Dr_Janis


    Dr. Peter Janiszewski blogs about different developments in science and frequently discusses obesity, aging, and other topics that are becoming increasingly prevalent today. He also tweets useful information for PhD students to understand what to do after graduating.

    Also Check Out: Peter Janiszewski

  12. @StephenMcGann


    Stephen McGann is a PhD student at Imperial College London. He’s focusing on science communication and tweets awesome news articles covering a wide range of areas that are always entertaining.

    Also Check Out: The Theatre of Reason

  13. @PsyPAG


    Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group is an association in the United Kingdom that focuses on providing the best resources for postgraduates to make sure they have the best chance for succeeding.

    Also Check Out: Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group

  14. @Katie_PhD


    Katie Pratt runs, a site that she uses to help promote science writing, communications, and public relations. She recently received her PhD and has been significantly involved in ongoing discussions in the scientific community.

    Also Check Out: Katie Ph.D.

  15. @HeideggerFan


    Professor K is a professor of Rhetoric and Black Studies and tweets about different developments around the world concerning a variety of subjects, many times focusing on inequality and the different struggles our society faces with human rights.

    Also Check Out: April Kinkead, Ph.D.

  16. @mattthomas


    Matt Thomas is a PhD candidate at the University of Iowa where he’s doing a dissertation on life hacking. His Twitter feed frequently interacts with others, discussing many different subjects and his blog, Submitted For Your Perusal, has many great posts.

    Also Check Out: Submitted For Your Perusal

  17. @scholarlykitchn


    Scholarly Kitchen looks at the current trends in scholarly publishing. It’s a useful site for any student preparing to publish and wants to familiarize themselves with current happenings in the industry.

    Also Check Out:

  18. @PhDForum


    PhD Forum is a Facebook and Twitter group that discusses different issues people encounter in their quest to attain a PhD.

    Also Check Out: PhDforum Communication Platform

  19. @biochembelle


    Biochem Bible is run by a postdoc at a research hospital and uses her blog to discuss finding your passion again after something as draining as a PhD and the transition into the workforce.

    Also Check Out: Ever on and on

  20. @gradhacker


    Gradhacker is a fantastic tool for PhD students and it functions as a collaborative blog and a digital round table for grad students to discuss different issues they’re facing as grad students. Since it’s run by those same students, it has a very community-based nature.

    Also Check Out: GradHacker

  21. @qui_oui


    Speculative Diction is run by Melonie Fullick, a PhD candidate in post-secondary education policy. The site is particularly useful because of the insight Melonie provides regarding being a PhD candidate.

    Also Check Out: Speculative Diction

  22. @datadryad


    Data Dryad is a nonprofit repository that allows for data underlying scientific publications to be discoverable, citable, and most importantly, free. They tweet various articles concerning scientific and medical data.

    Also Check Out: Data Dryad

  23. @jasonpriem


    Jason Priem is a PhD student who also co-founded ImpactStory. His work mainly focuses on propagating research and the tracking of the material.

    Also Check Out: Impact Story

  24. @ThomsonPat


    Patter is run by Pat Thomson, a professor at the University of Nottingham. She’s also the Director of the Centre For Advanced Studies and provides a wealth of useful information for graduate and PhD candidates.

    Also Check Out: patter

  25. @hapsci


    Happy Science is run by Heather Doran, a Public Engagement Officer at Aberdeen University who has a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology. She tweets different educational information particularly useful to PhD students.

    Also Check Out: Happy Science

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  1. @sharmanedit


    London-based Anna Sharman is the biomedical editor and scientific consultant for researchers and scientific journals. Her tweets typically focus on peer review, academic publishing, genomics, and evolution.

    Also Check Out: Sharman Edit

  2. @MsFloraPoste


    Sarah Burton helps run the British Sociological Association Post Graduate Forum, an intuitive resource to bring together different students to discuss issues within PhD work.

    Also Check Out: Sarah Burton

  3. @chrishumphrey


    Jobs on Toast is run by Chris Humphrey and focuses on what PhD graduates can do with their degree outside of academia. Since many times a PhD perpetuates a cycle in which the students end up working back in academia, the site is very useful for outlining other career options, as well as sustainability.

    Also Check Out: Chris Humphrey

  4. @BorisOPopov


    Boris O. Popov is a doctoral researcher at Durham University and focuses on the communication of scientific research to non-academic publics. His Twitter feed is particularly useful for PhD students looking for a variety of quality articles on any number of subjects.

    Also Check Out: STS Turntable

  5. @JoshColeEd


    Josh Cole is a PhD candidate at Queen’s University in Canada with a focus on cultural and educational history. His Twitter focuses on providing particularly useful educational tools and information for PhD students to be the most successful they can be.

    Also Check Out: Josh Cole

  6. @sswchow


    Sarah Chow is a PhD candidate with fantastic experience that is useful to any PhD student. She’s focusing on cardiac physiology and tweets different PhD information.

    Also Check Out: Sarah S. Chow

  7. @JournalErrology


    The Journal of Errology is an open access repository of unpublished research papers, theses, and other starts to research. The idea behind the site is that so many failures and false-starts are attempted before a final paper is released and by publishing these failures, we can be more adept in avoiding the same pitfalls and promote better research methods.

    Also Check Out: Journal of Errology

  8. @KL_Wheat


    Dr. Katie Wheat does postdoc research and is the cofounder of ECRChat, a useful discussion held on Twitter bi-weekly. Her tweets touch on a variety of subjects pertinent to psychology.

    Also Check Out: Life After Thesis

  9. @sspog


    Chris Martin is a researcher in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee and uses his wealth of knowledge concerning PhD work to provide more informed information to others.

    Also Check Out: Short and Dishevelled

  10. @mel_hogan


    Mel Hoganis a professional research assistant at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and often tweets current research and articles about digital communication in research and education contexts

    Also Check Out: Mél Hogan

  11. @GalvinMary


    Mary Galvin is a PhD student of Digital Arts and Humanities at the University College Cork. Her Twitter feed is used extensively to communicate with other academics, but also to discuss as a part of #DEMPHD as well.

    Also Check Out: Mary Galvin

  12. @LizDobsonUoH


    Dr. Elizabeth Dobson works at the University of Huddersfield as a senior lecturer on music technology and also discusses different parts of the PhD process and how students can equip themselves better for success.

    Also Check Out: Creativity through collaboration

  13. @Beyond_Grad


    Teresa Crew is a PhD candidate at Bangor University and loves to engage in various PhD discussions. Her dissertation focuses on where graduates go after completing their work.

    Also Check Out: Beyond_Graduation Blog

  14. @OtagoGRS


    The Graduate Research School at the University of Otago was implemented precisely to assist graduate students with the large obstacles they confront. The Twitter feed is incredibly dense with useful resources.

    Also Check Out: Graduate Research School, University of Otago

  15. @ErinLynnAus


    Erin Lynn is a PhD candidate and research assistant at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Her experience of currently being a PhD candidate is very insightful to those looking for more information and advice on what to expect.

    Also Check Out: Erin Lynn

  16. @Moanrue_Fortune


    Rachel Mizsei Ward is a graduate student at the University of East Anglia, specifically in the School of Film and Television Studies. Her tweets generally focus on her experience as a PhD candidate and useful supplementary.

    Also Check Out: Rachel Mizsei Ward

  17. @ashleyyoung2010


    Ashley Young is studying Food History at Duke University and tweets useful information concerning being a PhD candidate and the particular obstacles they encounter.

    Also Check Out: Ashley Young

  18. @JeminaNapier


    Professor Jemina Napier is the Chair of Intercultural Communication at Heriot-Watt University, as well as a researcher. Her position awards her the unique insight to work with many different PhD students on a regular basis, giving her a useful wealth of knowledge to pull from.

    Also Check Out: Prof. Jemina Napier

  19. @AndreaZellner


    Andrea Zellner is a writer and researcher who frequently focuses on education and technology and the roles they play.

    Also Check Out: Andrea Zellner

  20. @tedvickey


    Ted Vickey is a PhD researcher who focuses on social networking and exercise. He tweets different quotes frequently and also interesting news articles.

    Also Check Out: Ted Vickey

  21. @socphd


    Social Research Hub propagates discussions on social research and contributes to #socphd and #socchat on Twitter. The tweets look at different research articles and conceptual work as well.

    Also Check Out: Social Research Hub

  22. @Nadine_Muller


    Dr. Nadine Muller lectures on English Literature and cultural history, frequently referencing these themes in her tweets, along with gender issues, and engages in discussions pertaining to academia. She also writes The New Academic, a blog covering the many challenges faced by students doing graduate and postgraduate research.

    Also Check Out: The New Academic

  23. @MyGradSchool


    My Graduate School is a guide dense with information on how to apply, survive, and thrive at graduate school. They tweet different links of advice from around the Internet concerning PhD work.

    Also Check Out: My Graduate School

  24. @ResearchEx


    The Wolfson Research Exchange is based at the University of Warwick and highlights what it’s like to be a PhD student at the university, along with valuable tips.

    Also Check Out: The Wolfson Research Exchange

  25. @ProfSteveFuller


    Steve Fuller is a professor of Sociology at Warwick University and was the founder of social epistemology. He wrote an interesting book called Humanity 2.0: What It Means to be Human Past, Present, and Future.

    Also Check Out: Steve Fuller’s Homepage

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  1. @BlackPhDNetwork


    The International Black Doctoral Network Association uses their Twitter to convene Black intellectuals throughout the world and engage in different discussions pertaining to academia and also highlight upcoming conferences.

    Also Check Out: The International Black Doctoral Network Association Inc.

  2. @jacobsonjenna


    Jenna Jacobson studies PhD work and also researches the impact of social media. Her site highlights all the work she does at the University of Toronto and her tweets pick analyze different developments around the world.

    Also Check Out: Jenna Jacobson

  3. @PhDJourneyAbdn


    PhD Journey is a conference organized by current and prospective PhD students who wish to come together and discuss a variety of issues pertaining to PhD work.

    Also Check Out: PhD Journey

  4. @gawbul


    Steve Moss is a PhD candidate at the University of Hull and he works extensively in discussing open source, open science, open data, and other “open” initiatives.

    Also Check Out: Steve Moss

  5. @fatgirlphd


    Katie Lowe is a PhD student and runs Fat Girl, PhD, a very interesting website that highlights her weightloss and how she’s been able to do it while being a PhD student in Modernist Literature.

    Also Check Out: Fat Girl PhD

  6. @alpsp


    The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers is an organization for non-profit publishers and the largest association for scholarly professionals in the world. Tweets highlight different publications and useful information for anyone looking to further become involved in academic publishing.

    Also Check Out: Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

  7. @andycoverdale


    Andy Coverdale runs and tweets different sociological articles and many times references higher education and the intricacies of social networking.

    Also Check Out: PhD Blog (dot) Net

  8. @jennacondie


    Jenna Condie is a lecturer at the University of Salford in their psychology department and is thoroughly involved with different psychological initiatives throughout the United Kingdom, frequently engaging in discussions as part of the university and the UK Media Psych Team.

    Also Check Out: Entreprademic

  9. @GradnessMadness


    Gradness Madness is a blog loaded with encouragement for those in graduate school. Since students are under tremendous stress, the blog is very useful for grabbing a few minutes (or hours) of solace from the chaos of graduate work.

    Also Check Out: Gradness Madness

  10. @salma_patel


    Salma Patel is a doctoral researcher at the University of Warwick and also founded PhD Viva, a site that presents different PhD experiences from students.

    Also Check Out: Salma Patel

  11. @melanietbaum


    Melanie Tennenbaum is a social psychology PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her tweets look at different psychological and social psychology developments, along with contributing to Scientific American.

    Also Check Out: PsySociety

  12. @trentmkays


    Trent M Kays is a researcher at the University of Minnesota and also writes frequently on a number of subjects. His website frequently touches on MOOCs and where higher education could likely be headed.

    Also Check Out: Rhetorical Rumination

  13. @NextScientist


    Next Scientist’s intent is to help cultivate the next generation of scientists and helps equip current PhD students with the information needed to stay productive, motivated, and finally finish it.

    Also Check Out: Next Scientist

  14. @VersatilePhD


    Versatile PhD works to provide support for those who complete a PhD and need help transitioning out of academia, if that is the route they choose. The tweets highlight different ways they can get jobs.

    Also Check Out: Versatile PhD

  15. @PublicIntellec


    The Public Intellectuals Project is a forum for academics, students, activists, artists, cultural workers, and other to engage in a dialogue on higher education.

    Also Check Out: The Public Intellectuals Project

  16. @PhDCareerGuide


    PhD Career Guide is a in-depth resource for current and soon-to-be PhDs. Their tweets look at a variety of PhD subjects, including research and thesis advice.

    Also Check Out: PhD Career Guide

  17. @scholasticahq


    Scholastica is a useful source for academics to get their work published. The site uses Twitter as a platform for different developments in post-graduate work and the world of publishing.

    Also Check Out: Scholastica

  18. @GradCaucus


    Grad Student Caucus is a group that advocates on behalf of graduate students in the modern languages at the annual MLA convention. Tweets touch on many different subjects concerning academia and are particularly informative.

    Also Check Out: Graduate Student Caucus

  19. @PhDBlog


    PhD Blog is a great resource for finding a variety of information pertaining to the process of applying and then working towards attaining a PhD.

    Also Check Out: PhD Blog

  20. @BSAPGForum


    The British Sociological Association’s Postgraduate Forum is heavily involved in #phdadvice and #phdchat on Twitter, along with providing different advice on being a part of the association. The site is a great source for sociology PhD students looking to get more involved.

    Also Check Out: BSA Postgraduate Forum

  21. @gradstudentway


    @GradStudentWay is the Twitter arm of the excellent blog “The Grad Student Way.” Ryan Raver regularly posts useful tips and news for anyone in graduate level study, and has contributed a great deal to online discussions of graduate level education.

    Also Check Out: The Grad Student Way

  22. @phdchats


    A PhD Student chronicles a student’s journey to get a PhD, using the blog as an outlet for the stress that frequently accompanies getting a PhD. Tweets help by providing great writing advice.

    Also Check Out: Ramblings of a PhD student

  23. @PhDelirium_com


    Tis is the story of a young researcher focusing on PhD in Humanities. They also run PhD Delirium and illustrates fun comics about the life of a PhD student.

    Also Check Out: PhDelirium . net

  24. @Gotaphdthesis


    Pravin Jeya is a doctoral researcher focusing on environmental law and behavior change. Additionally, Pravin is an academic editor and executive committee member of the Westminster Law Review.

    Also Check Out: Got a PhD Thesis

  25. @alternativephd


    Alternative PhD chronicles the journey of a dissertating graduate student and tweets highlight different parts of the PhD process and the particular struggles students face today.

    Also Check Out: alternative phd

  26. @Dr_Margrit


    Dr. Margrit Talpalaru runs Hook and Eye, a blog that highlights the realities of being women working in the Canadian University system. The blog and Twitter are particularly insight to a less-seen side of academia.

    Also Check Out: Hook & Eye

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