Excellent Sites to Help You Prep for the GRE

The Graduate Record Exam is a test that many hopeful graduate students need to take and do exceedingly well at in order to pursue a master’s degree and eventually a doctorate. A good performance on the GRE can open up educational opportunities for a student, and conversely, a poor performance can be a limiting factor in which schools and programs will accept the student. Preparing for the exam can require significant work, especially for students who wait for a few years between undergraduate and graduate school. Students who perform best on the test use a combination of preparation tactics that can include tutoring, studying test questions from previous years, and taking practice tests specific to the three major sections of the GRE, which are as follows:

  • Verbal reasoning, in which the student reads texts and makes inferences or arguments based on their contents.
  • Quantitative reasoning, in which the student uses quantitative data and mathematical techniques to reason through problems.
  • Analytical writing, in which the student must reasonably and coherently discuss complex topics in proper English.

Taking the GRE is serious, but it doesn’t have to be completely stressful. Good study habits and plenty of preparation can help any student achieve a great score. These resources range from full-on practice tests to simple tips for better learning and retention when studying. This list isn’t a ranking system, but a means for students to find the resources that suit their studying style so they can get the most out of the GRE.

GRE Study Resources

These study resources cover all sections of the GRE, and include everything from simple flashcard makers to full-fledged GRE prep courses and even online or in-person tutoring services.

  1. Educational Testing Service

    Educational Testing Service

    Educational Testing Service is the official administrator of the GRE, and the most reliable source of information about the test. Individuals can purchase the official test prep book and mobile app to study on the go.  
  2. Barron’s TestPrep Blog

    Barron's TestPrep Blog

    Barron’s TestPrep Blog delves into the most tedious aspects of preparing for the GRE and helps individuals feel confident going into it. Featuring various problems and commentary, it’s sure to help anyone looking to enhance their GRE studying.  
  3. Magoosh GRE Blog

    Magoosh GRE Blog

    Magoosh GRE Blog has blog posts from various experts, each touching on a different important element of the GRE. Posts detail vocabulary and include useful flashcards, book reviews, and study plans.  
  4. Manhattan PrepGRE Blog

    Manhattan PrepGRE Blog

    Manhattan PrepGRE Blog prides itself on its comprehensive approach to taking the GRE and the posts examine different aspects of the exam to make sure every facet of it has been covered.  
  5. Sparknotes


    Sparknotes details all the most important aspects of the GRE and breaks content down into broader sections like math, verbal, and the essay section before refining the focus in more specific topics.  
  6. CliffsNotes


    CliffsNotes has become well-known for their study tools and displays impressive prowess when it comes to the GRE. The GRE analytical sample they provide points at the important aspects that should be included on the GRE.  
  7. GRE For Dummies

    GRE For Dummies

    GRE For Dummies outlines what exactly individuals can expect on the GRE and how to approach the various sections. Their approach presents content in an understandable way that ensures individuals will retain the most information.  
  8. Uloop


    Uloop is renowned for their impressive selection of study materials and this is no different when it comes to the GRE. Their test preparation materials emphasize what is most likely to appear on the actual exam, which makes it a very valuable tool for understanding what to expect.  
  9. TestStudyGuide


    TestStudyGuide has compiled a selection of the best GRE books and makes it incredibly easy to outline the most useful approach to succeeding on this exam. By summarizing what each book provides, along with a review, the site has expanded its use.  
  10. Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2014

    Gruber's  Complete GRE Guide 2014

    Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2014 analyzes all the most important topics that appear on the GRE and ensure students have all the resources to succeed. The book is regarded for how understandable it is.  
  11. LearningExpress Hub

    LearningExpress Hub

    LearningExpress Hub details the most useful resources for working through practice tests related to taking the GRE. They cover important topics such as analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and many other areas.  
  12. HowToStudy.org

    HowToStudy .org

    HowToStudy.org understands the various studying methods and the different results they can yield. This important site refines teaching methods for students and helps develop a lasting academic discipline.  
  13. Majortests.com


    Majortests.com is dense with great practice tests for the GRE and arranges content in a manner that is intuitive for learning. The site breaks down material into useful sections such as vocabulary, essay, verbal, math, and more.  
  14. Test Prep Review

    Test Prep Review

    Test Prep Review makes sure students have access to all the materials needed to succeed on the GRE. The site is loaded with practices tests to understand the best approach to the exams.  
  15. thegradcafe.com

    thegradcafe .com

    The Grad Café forums cover all the issues graduate students typically face, from preparing for the GRE all the way up through sending in applications, deciding on a school, and seeking financial aid.  
  16. GRE Prep @WP

    GRE Prep @WP

    GRE Prep @WP presents content in innovative new ways that helps students retain the largest amount of information. The detailed explanations featured on the site ensure that the GRE is the most approachable possible.  
  17. PowerScore Test Preparation

    PowerScore Test Preparation

    PowerScore Test Preparation examines the important aspects to succeed in getting into graduate school. While they can’t make taking the GRE easier, their study materials can help individuals do better.  
  18. iGrad


    iGrad helps colleges and college students by providing Financial Literacy Education and Student Loan Counseling.  
  19. Study Guide Zone

    Study Guide Zone

    Study Guide Zone makes sure that students are as prepared as possible to take the GRE and examines a few different options to be ready for the big test. They break down various types of questions sure to be on it, so it’s incredibly useful.  
  20. 20/20 Prep

    20/20 Prep

    20/20 Prep offers both online and in-person private intensive test prep for a variety of exams including the GMAT, GRE, GACE, TOEFL, and SAT.  
  21. Learnhub


    LearnHub is the world’s largest online social learning network dedicated exclusively to international education. They offer a variety of innovative tools that empower your research and help students enroll in programs to help meet their dreams.  
  22. GRE Prep Help

    GRE Prep Help

    GRE Prep Help provides test practice questions of the three (verbal, quantitative and analytic writing) sections of the GRE. It also provides a registration page and scoring break down.  
  23. My GRE Tutor

    My GRE Tutor

    My GRE Tutor features an impressive array of content that includes nearly 3,500 vocabulary words, along with tutorials, and practice tests. All of this makes it a worthwhile resource for succeeding on the GRE.  
  24. PhysicsGRE.com

    PhysicsGRE .com

    The objective of PhysicsGRE.com is to be a free yet valuable resource for prospective and current physics graduate students. They strive to provide an environment that encourages and enables people to share their knowledge and learn from others.  
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Practice Tests

Practice tests are one of the best ways to learn what it actually feels like to take the GRE, and how long different tasks or question types take to answer. This is one of the most useful and highly recommended ways of preparing for the GRE.

  1. The Princeton Review

    The Princeton Review

    The Princeton Review is a renowned source of information for doing the best possible on the GRE. Their site features useful GRE tutoring, self-paced studying, fundamentals, and more.  
  2. BenchPrep


    BenchPrep has made a name for themselves through their innovative guides related to study materials and their GRE practice questions (by McGraw Hill) are among the most thorough, useful, and easy to use GRE prep resources available. By breaking down the most useful sections on this thorough exam, they’re able to prepare students from varying backgrounds for success.  
  3. Peak Performance Test Prep

    Peak Performance Test Prep

    Peak Performance Test Prep outlines the best course of action for nailing the GRE and does so through a 4-week, 12-hour course. It keeps students constantly updated on their progress and the engaging course helps individuals understand what to expect on the GRE.  
  4. CAT Prep Simulators

    CAT Prep Simulators

    CAT Prep Simulators has helped countless students prepare for the GRE and does so through practice tests, mock examinations, and much more. Their innovative newsletter is sure to keep students up to date as well.  
  5. Claybourne Education LLC

    Claybourne Education LLC

    Claybourne Education LLC ensures that students have all the resources necessary to be successful when taking the GRE and provides great math websites for refining an understanding of what will appear on this test. The site also has comprehensive tutoring information.  
  6. Educational Software Technologies

    Educational Software Technologies

    Educational Software Technologies has GRE studying software that details how to go about preparing for the examination to apply to graduate school.  
  7. Skill Guru

    Skill Guru

    Skill Guru has a list of useful GRE practice tests and they cover everything from math and quantitative skills to comprehension and vocabulary.  
  8. Mock GRE

    Mock GRE

    As the title implies, Mock GRE has information that helps students take similar exams that will test their rigor and better position them for success on the GRE. Additionally, they provide useful supplementary products for purchase.  
  9. Quizlet – GRE Psychology Practice

    Quizlet - GRE Psychology Practice

    Quizlet – GRE Psychology Practice is a useful set for flashcards that can refine one’s understanding of complex psychology terms. Garnering an astute understanding of this material is important to doing well on the GRE.  
  10. Number2.com

    Number2 .com

    Number2.com has a wealth of online test preparation courses that teach prospective graduate students all of the need-to-know information related to acing the SAT, ACT, and GRE. It also makes a wonderful resource for parents and teachers to work with students.  
  11. GRE Guide

    GRE Guide

    GRE Guide has useful walkthroughs on how to do well on the GRE. It makes a great reference tool for understanding what to expect on this difficult exam.  
  12. New GRE.org – It’s not deciphering the GREek!

    New GRE .org - It's not deciphering the GREek!

    It’s Not GREek! is a GRE blog dedicated to decoding, demystifying, and deciphering the GRE and graduate school admissions. They offer tips on GRE prep, pointers on the admissions process, and information about the latest GRE test. They are also a community for prospective graduate school students to share ideas, ask questions, and commiserate about the often frustrating process of applying to grad schools and taking the GRE.  
  13. 800Score.com


    800Score.com has been around for over 15 years and is one of the foremost sources for successfully approaching the GRE. Content on the site works in a variety of ways to ensure all the facets of the GRE are met.  
  14. Prep Matters

    Prep Matters

    Prep Matters has built a reputation for their thorough approach to preparing individuals for standardized tests and they do a wonderful job on the GRE as well. Their practice test is very useful to gauge what typically is presented on this exam.  
  15. GRE Prep Seattle

    GRE Prep Seattle

    GRE Prep Seattle serves the area by developing weaker areas within individuals that will appear on the GRE. Their ability to offer personal assessment makes it an incredibly valuable tool for navigating the tumultuous GRE process.  
  16. Greenlight Test Prep – “GRE Video Lessons”

    Greenlight Test Prep -

    Greenlight Test Prep – “GRE Video Lessons” features interesting modules that detail different components of the GRE. It makes for useful information that can prove to be incredibly informative.  
  17. GREatest Prep

    GREatest Prep

    Founded in July 2011, enhanced by interactive technology, GREatest Prep aims to make studying process easier and more productive. They are a GRE oriented test preparation company and their main goal is to provide high quality studying material, that is the most close to real GRE and resembles atmosphere of the test.  
  18. BTPS Testing – GRE Verbal Reasoning

    BTPS Testing - GRE Verbal Reasoning

    BTPS Testing’s test preparation programs can help you build upon your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and make your feel more comfortable with what you will be facing.  
  19. JumboTests


    JumboTests is a test site that allows you to practice sample tests before the GRE. They offer practice questions of every type, covering every section and subject matter that the typical GRE touches on. Thorough practice questions like these can be a huge help in achieving a high score on the test.  
  20. Study Guides and Strategies

    Study Guides and Strategies

    Study Guides and Strategies goes over general test preparation techniques that can be crucial to doing well on the GRE. The page also advocates for particular study techniques that can be incredibly beneficial.  
  21. Eduers.com – GRE Test Preparation

    Eduers .com - GRE Test Preparation

    Eduers is a guide for college, graduate school and online learning as well as test preparation and financial aid.  
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Study Tips & Materials

Studying for the GRE is a lot like studying for any other academic test. It is a better idea to study regularly over a long period of time than to try cramming it all in during the last week. These sites offer advice on general test taking and how to integrate study time into daily life to avoid that stressful last minute rush.

  1. Grockit

    Grockit -

    Grockit is the world’s fastest growing online test prep service for students seeking to get their best potential score on the GMAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and other tests required for college admissions. Grockit’s GRE learning program helps people learn quickly and answer more questions correctly.  
  2. Peterson’s


    Peterson’s includes comprehensive online education resource centers, customizable test preparation resources, essay-editing services and the most popular, data-rich, and dynamic education planning Web properties around.  
  3. APS Physics -“Acing the Physics GRE: Tips and Strategies”

    APS Physics -

    APS Physics -“Acing the Physics GRE: Tips and Strategies” helps makes the prospect of taking the GRE much less daunting. This webinar educates individuals on how to approach studying for this very particular test.  
  4. Poets & Quants

    Poets & Quants

    Poets & Quants is a useful compilation of practice tests and preparation tools that exemplify the best methods for studying for the GRE. It’s surprisingly dense and details the best approaches, along with common pitfalls people experience.  
  5. StudyPal.co


    StudyPal.co knows that it’s easier to solve problems when two people are able to discuss issues thoroughly, which is why their site is so useful. The posts each touch on different facets of the GRE, which helps the site maintain its contemporary focus.  
  6. Educational Information

    Educational Information

    Educational Information provides a timeline that explains in great detail all the most important deadlines related to the GRE. It’s great information for crafting the best approach for succeeding on the test.  
  7. NextStep – GRE Timing and Strategic Guessing Strategies

    NextStep - GRE Timing and Strategic Guessing Strategies

    NextStep – GRE Timing and Strategic Guessing Strategies is a must-read page for anyone looking to strengthen their skills related to the GRE. The site details the best ways to guess on problems students don’t know the answer to, along with what precautions should be taken to avoid common mistakes.  
  8. Study Stack

    Study Stack

    Study Stack includes GRE flashcards taken from various aspects of the exam and it makes it much easier to understand aspects such as vocabulary, mathematics, and useful Latin/Greek suffixes.  
  9. Studyin USA

    Studyin USA

    Studying USA’s site features a complete GRE guide, as well as information on the GRE and admission help. This proves to be incredibly useful for individuals not familiar with GRE procedures.  
  10. Admission Consultants – GRE Test Preparation Books

    Admission Consultants - GRE Test Preparation Books

    Admission Consultants – GRE Test Preparation Books lists the most vital reads for those looking to do the best possible on the GRE. The materials listed on the site are expansive and include many practice tests.  
  11. Alex Lang’s Website – Physics GRE

    Alex Lang's Website - Physics GRE

    When it comes to preparing for the GRE, Alex Lang’s Website – Physics GRE provides ample material for understanding the physics problems often included on this extensive examination. The site includes links to past exams and recommended pages for comprehensive explanation to the solving the problems.  
  12. GREBIO


    GREBIO provides useful PDFs loaded with content on various GRE requirements. These documents are great for understanding how to do well.  
  13. Take The GRE

    Take The GRE

    Take the GRE empowers individuals to feel confident when taking this exam and offers useful test preparation materials to position them for success. It’s great to understand the most important aspects of the GRE.  
  14. 4Tests


    4Tests has a useful page explaining all the essentials for GRE test preparation and how to master it. Each of the 9 steps prepares students in a different way to take on the massive workload expected of them in graduate school.  
  15. edutrek


    Edutrek was created to match prospective college students and schools in a neutral and comprehensive way.  
  16. Learn with Harsha

    Learn with Harsha

    Learn with Harsha (LWH) is about helping students achieve their goals while Harsha achieves hers. His blog is about learning items for the GRE and then teaching them to others. He wants to have first-hand experience of any troubles or difficulties so others don’t have to.  
  17. LearnWordList.com

    LearnWordList .com

    LearnWordList.com takes an innovative approach to graduate school examinations by helping develop flashcard sets that refine one’s vocabulary and prepare them for success. Their tips show impressive insight into how to best prepare for the GRE.  
  18. GRE Bible

    GRE Bible

    GRE Bible wastes no time teaching individuals the cutting-edge techniques for mastering the GRE. Their program has helped individuals craft an approach that ensures students come into the GRE well-rounded.  
  19. GRE Prep Book

    GRE Prep Book

    GRE Prep Book is the esteemed resource for self-preparation ahead of the GRE. The site has writing advice as well as useful test tips.  
  20. StratusPrep


    StratusPrep has refined an approach to taking the GRE that helps students obtain the desired results faster than anticipated. The useful resources on their site have revolutionized how GRE preparation is approached.  

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Other Test-Taking Tools

Many libraries, colleges, and other institutes of learning offer their own courses or a different spin on GRE preparation, and checking out some of what they offer can be a good way to plan your own test prep schedule and activities.

  1. McGraw – Hill Education Practice Plus

    McGraw - Hill Education Practice Plus

    McGraw-Hill provides a complete online practice test with explanations for all the questions. They also have problem-solving videos and other GRE prep resources.  
  2. WyzAnt Resources

    WyzAnt Resources

    WyzAnt is the leading tutoring marketplace on the web with 73,000+ tutors offering private lessons in hundreds of subjects like math, science, test prep, foreign languages, music, computers, the GRE and much more.  
  3. Quantum Test Prep

    Quantum Test Prep

    Quantum Test Prep has offices located in the US and Canada and provides free refresher courses for finding the most success on the GRE. Additionally, their consultants work ardently to develop ways for students to be the most prepared upon taking the exam.  
  4. Redbus2us


    Redbus2us details how international students can best succeed on the GRE and ultimately secure a position at a university in America. The great resources make it easy to understand the differences related to applying to graduate school in the USA.  
  5. American University’s GRE Preparation Resources

    Ironline. America

    American University’s article “Cracking the GRE: Preparation” gives insight on how to succeed at this huge undertaking. From guidebooks to prep courses, the site has it all.  
  6. Higher Education Blog

    Higher Education Blog

    Higher Education Blog has extensive posts that detail how to best study for the GRE and find success on this exam. The site has a useful timeline to give a thorough understanding how where one should be in terms of preparation.  
  7. Brigham Young University – Continuing Education

    Brigham Young University - Continuing Education

    Brigham Young University – Continuing Education helps students get ready for the GRE by pairing them with renowned professors and the best prep material. The teachers have long worked with students looking to do well on the GRE, so know the best approach to succeeding.  
  8. Northern Arizona University-GRE & GMAT

    Northern Arizona University-GRE & GMAT

    Northern Arizona University- GRE & GMAT test preparation courses take place multiple times a year and are integral components to helping students make the leap to the next level of their education. While strenuous, this program is thorough enough to help students know exactly how to succeed on the GRE or GMAT.  
  9. Real College Student of Atlanta

    Real College Student of Atlanta

    Real College Student of Atlanta gives worthwhile perspective to what it’s like as a student in Atlanta and the site makes a great starting point for those looking to attend grad school. The advice on taking the GRE is an invaluable resource for success on this site.  
  10. Parliament Tutors

    Parliament Tutors

    Parliament Tutors has home and online tutoring options to help students looking to refine their knowledge and be better equipped to succeed on the ACT, SAT, and GRE. Through an extensive outlining of fundamentals, languages, and more, the site has built an impressive canon of material.  
  11. Beat the GMAT

    Beat the GMAT

    Beat The GMAT is the world’s largest social network for MBA applicants featuring many free resources for GMAT prep and MBA admissions.  
  12. Kaplan Test Prep

    Kaplan Test Prep

    Kaplan Test Prep has made impressive strides to helps students be better equipped to succeed on the GRE. The tips on their site present some of the best advice for succeeding.  
  13. LA Tutors – GRE Study Guides and Articles

    LA Tutors - GRE Study Guides and Articles

    LA Tutors 123 is a test preparation, academic consultation, and private tutoring company. Their main business is to provide the highest quality in-home, one-on-one instruction in the LA area, but their website also has some excellent tips and resources on the GRE that are available to anyone.  
  14. University of California, Riverside- Academic Resource Center

    University of California, Riverside- Academic Resouce Center

    The University of California, Riverside- Academic Resource Center is lush with insightful resources that detail why individuals should attend graduate school and they equip students with the proper study resources to get to that point. The material is wide-ranging, which ensures that every aspect of the GRE is encompassed in its material.  
  15. University of Central Florida – UCF Test Prep

    University of Central Florida - Continuing Education -

    University of Central Florida – Continuing Education – “GRE – The Graduate Record Exam Review Program” makes it easier today to focus on subjects in the GRE such as algebra, plane geometry, percentages, world problems, and more. Additionally, the site offers on and off-site tutoring to help students have the best chance at succeeding.  
  16. Graduate School – University of Louisiana At Lafayette

    Graduate School - University of Louisiana At Lafayette

    Graduate School – University Louisiana At Lafayette informs students to the best methods for succeeding on the GRE. As a university, they’re well-versed on what the exam will be looking for, therefore are well-equipped to help students succeed.  
  17. NuttyGrad


    NuttyGrad.com is an education portal which aims to simplify the hassles faced by students after graduation in applying to various universities. This goal is attained by providing concise and apt information about the courses, universities and colleges which is all available on their website.  
  18. Test Magic

    Test Magic

    Test Magic provides a wealth of useful content that helps students perform better on the GRE. The content includes analogies, sentence completions, and much more.  
  19. Mometrix Test Preparation

    Mometrix Test Preparation

    Mometrix Academy is a free public service of Mometrix, The World’s Most Comprehensive Test Preparation Company™. Each year, Mometrix helps tens of thousands of clients maximize their test scores with our innovative products that cover over one thousand different standardized tests.  
  20. Sandweiss TestPrep

    sandweiss TestPrep

    Since 1998, Sandweiss Test Prep has been offering comprehensive test preparation services, academic tutoring, and admissions consulting to high school students throughout Bellevue and Seattle.  
  21. Varsity Tutors

    Varsity Tutors

    Varsity Tutors offers GRE tutoring by highly-credentialed tutors. They help students learn GRE through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own home or any other location of their choice.  
  22. Back To Basics – Learning Dynamics, Inc.

    Back To Basics - Learning Dynamics, Inc.

    Back to Basics – Learning Dynamics, Inc. helps to increase students score results on the GRE by focusing on the most important aspects of an education. They appeal to all kinds of students, which makes it useful for everyone looking to go to grad school.
  23. Student Visa Expert Tips for GRE Success

    Student Visa Expert Tips for GRE Success

    Student Visa Expert Tips for GRE Success has all the tips for individuals looking to see how studying abroad can be beneficial to students preparing to take the GRE. Additionally, the site outlines all the benefits for viewers to easily understand.

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We have provided a list of common online PhD programs from accredited schools below:

Northcentral University
Northcentral University

  • HLC
  • NCA
Walden University
Walden University

  • HLC
  • NCA
Liberty University
Liberty University

  • SACS
Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University

  • HLC

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