Sites By and For Masters and PhD Candidates

Graduate school and doctoral studies can be all-consuming pursuits that eat up time and energy, but the research produced and the knowledge gained is priceless. The researchers, inventors, and authors of the past kept journals of their progress and published papers with their findings, but the current generation of grad students and doctoral candidates have a much more regular and personal way to share their experiences. Many grad students keep blogs about their work and lives as they go through school, and some universities and professors have even begun writing about their areas of expertise or the happenings in their laboratories. The sites listed below can all be inspirational or downright useful for current students or recently minted grads. Everything from academic research to post-graduation career searching is covered in these great sites by and for master’s and PhD candidates.

General Academia

  1. Sensate

    Operating as the tumblr of the Sensate Journal, a journal for experiments in critical media practice, this blog offers an abundance of information. The tumblr has articles on art, film, and other media topics.

  2. 27 and a PhD

    Through this entertaining blog you learn about the life of a young graduate student, as well as life after completing a PhD. Whether you’re writing a thesis, looking for training in your field, or have graduated with a PhD and don’t know the next steps to take, this blog will help you get through it.

  3. Academic Cog

    The Academic Cog records the life of a woman studying graduate-level literature. She discusses the frustrations, setbacks, and joys of her academic journey in a humorous way.

  4. American Sociological Association’s Department of Research Blog

    Maintained by the American Sociological Association’s Department of Research on the Discipline and Profession, this blog reports about current projects and highlights related resources. It’s also an interesting place to discuss with other sociologists and interest readers through forums.

  5. Academic Life by Marialuisa Liotta

    Marialuisa Liotta describes her blog as “resources for aspiring (and established) academics,” and she offers articles on everything from common grammatical mistakes to time management and how to choose where to spend your time and energy to succeed in academia.

  6. BenchFly

    BenchFly is an interactive blog and premier video platform for scientists. Designed by research and video experts, it’s an educational open access community for researchers to communicate through.

  7. The Creative Writing MFA Blog

    This is a very helpful blog offering interesting and informative information to anyone interested in getting a creative writing MFA degree. The blog covers what an MFA in creative writing entails, why a person should or shouldn’t get the degree, how to get scholarships, and more.

  8. Dorothy King’s PhDiva

    This is a very interesting and educational blog displaying information and documents reported stolen by governments and their representatives. It covers many topics in history that typically go unnoticed.

  9. Epistemic Value

    Attempting to answer the question of what is the value of knowledge, this blog has numerous publications and articles from different researchers and institutes. If you’re seeking out knowledge, this blog is the perfect companion for you.

  10. J School Buzz

    Considering going to J-School? This blog covers all topics surrounding journalism and whether or not obtaining a higher education in the field will truly aid in a successful career.

  11. Kirby Lab Student Blog

    A blog by the Cornell Micro/Nanofluidics department, this blog is a wonderful resource for someone interested in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Blog submissions are done by both students are professionals within the industry and include the latest news on this area of recent science.

  12. Milano Grad School Blog

    With blog entries written by Milano grad school students who are currently students at The New School for International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy, entries provide insight into the life of a student. If you’re looking to pursue a career in policy, then this blog isn’t one to miss.

  13. New Kid on the Hallway

    Written by a woman who decided to leave the world of academia to become a lawyer, this would be a blog great for anyone considering obtaining a law degree. With interesting insights into the process of changing the direction of your life and career, this blog can aid you in your search.

  14. Occam’s Typewriter

    Occam’s Typewriter is a community project focused on bringing together current and erstwhile scientists who like to write. Blog entries are entertaining, educational, and sometimes quite funny, focusing on the latest news in science.

  15. Practical Ethics

    Daily updates on this blog cover ethical analysis of news events from intelligent researchers based at the University of Oxford in England. This blog will certainly keep you informed in the ethics of science and technology, environmental policy, public health, and information ethics.

  16. Rackham Graduate School Student Voices Blog

    Graduate students of Rockham are allowed to publish informative and interesting articles on their “Student Voices Blog.” Articles vary in topics, but typically cover some area of academia.

  17. To Do: Dissertation

    Are you in the process of writing your dissertation but are getting stuck? This blog was created just for you! Entries offer support and encouragement for dissertation writers across disciplines, and practical steps are laid out for writers to finish their dissertation.

  18. College of AgBio Student Blog

    A blog produced by the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources, students tell of their experiences through school in an interesting and informative way. If you’re curious about what university has to offer, this blog will give you the inside scoop on classes, research, student exchanges and other fun, college activities.

  19. UC Berkeley English Department

    This is a blog that stays up to date with all English Department happenings at Berkeley in California. Articles are interesting and intelligent, and provide some insight into the world of academic English.

  20. UNL Political Science Graduate Student Blog

    Students and professors of the UNL Political Science graduate program are allowed to contribute to this informative blog. Articles range anywhere from social media tips for those involved in political science, to call for papers, to research, to education. If you’re interested in political science, there’s bound to be an entry you’ll love.

  21. Simon School Communications Blog

    The Simon School Communications Blog is a place for full-time, part-time, executive MBA, MS degree, executive education, or PhD students to write about their academic journey. Based on topics of communication, if you’re interested in media, journalism, advertising, or any other communication topic, then you’ll be thrilled with this blog full of relevant and up-to-date material.

  22. UND Graduate School Blog

    Writing about the happenings at the graduate school of North Dakota, this blog is entertaining and educational. Not only does it keep readers up to date on what is going on in the graduate school, but it also provides relevant material on graduate studies in general.

  23. Bournemouth University PG Research Blog

    Higher education, research news, and academic opportunities, are just a few helpful things you’ll find on this research information network. Most topics are about Bournemouth University, although there are articles and links to information outside of the community, too.

  24. Grad Resources

    Providing informative articles, this blog helps graduate students find community and understanding among other students. Some helpful topics you may find addressed on this blog include academic work and family responsibility, how to keep your spirit and body healthy, and how to survive grad school without going insane.

  25. Inside Higher Ed

    Inside Higher Ed is the online hotspot for all news, opinion, and jobs related to higher education. Feature stories, daily commentary, and career columns are a few of the provocative resources you can find on this blog.

  26. PhD Comics

    Highly entertaining, this site has comics that relate to getting a PhD degree. Not only are there comics, but you can also find people who have rapped their dissertation or created a puppet show based on their thesis.

  27. Chemistry Grad Student & Postdoc Blog

    Not only is this blog educational, but it also offers a humorous side to chemistry graduate and post doctorate work. It provides resources for current students, in addition to informational bulletins and job notices.

  28. Phinished

    Are you struggling to finish your dissertation or thesis? Phinished is just the blog for you then, offering friendly advice and support to anyone a little stuck. You can participate in discussions or chat with other users about academia and the challenges of finishing your final research.

  29. Blogging the PhD

    Interested in public engagement and broadcasting? Well so is Vicky, an Edinburgh University student who keeps an interesting blog about studying reproductive biology. Check out her blog for more information on PhD and MBA degrees in science, in addition to teaching and broadcasting.

  30. Adventures of a Grad Student

    Grad students can still enjoy life even while maintaining a busy school schedule. This is a blog about the adventures of a grad student and includes fascinating pieces on cooking, dancing, board games, movies, and more!

  31. Grad Hacker

    Are you into humor and productivity? So is the Grad Hacker! You’ll be thoroughly entertained by his posts on how to be productive, in addition to other grad school topics.

  32. GradMatters: The Blog for Tufts’ GSAS

    GradMatters is an informative monthly blog about careers, grad school funding, and other topics of interest. Although geared for students and alumni of the Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, anyone currently in or looking to begin grad school will find helpful articles here.

  33. Broke Grad Student

    Unfortunately today it’s quite common for 20-something-year-olds to graduate with thousands of dollars of school loan debt. This blog was started by one of the 20-somethings and it’s written to help motivate and prepare others to pay back their school loans.

  34. Darden Social

    With a dry sense of humor, Brian Cramer discusses his social life at Darden University. In addition to talking about his social life, he also writes for anyone who forgoes a career to take an educational path in another direction.

  35. The Ohio State University Graduate School Blog

    A graduate school blog for anyone interested in grad school at the Ohio State University. Blog articles are written for prospective students, current students, and alumni, as well as anyone interested in learning more about general graduate school studies.

  36. Graduate Research at the MSC

    Through this blog you can look into the lives of graduate students at Northwestern University. Blogs are written in an interesting style and include research and social life of a typical student.

  37. Undulations

    Journeying into the world of both dance and grad school, this blog takes an interesting perspective on the graduate students life. It provides both insight into the life of a dancer, as well as graduate school topics, classes, homework, and scheduling.

  38. GradShare

    GradShare is a unique online community where graduate students can help each other succeed. Through this interactive community you can make the most of your grad school experience and really excel in your studies.

  39. The Grad Cafe

    Acting as a forum for graduate students, The Grad Cafe provides interesting and important information for grad students. By registering your name you can view posts and contribute to them with your graduate school experience.

  40. Dr. Sustainable

    Written by an avid environmentalist and sustainable developer, this blog is a great fit for anyone interested in development and project management. It includes exciting posts about environmental issues, written from a perspective of someone who doesn’t think only about the environment.

  41. My Graduate School Blog

    Looking for detailed and comprehensive advice about preparing for graduate school? This blog will help you through the application process, as well as survive graduate school once you’re in.

  42. Adventures in (Post) Gradland

    This fascinating blog isn’t just about humanities grad school and life after completing a PhD. It also contains interesting information about Japan, food, literature, and cooking.

  43. Communications of the ACM

    As the leading print and online publication for the computing and information technology fields, this blog offers a variety of educational and provoking articles. You can find an abundance of information about the computing professional world today.

  44. Dissertation Diva

    Looking for some real-world advice about getting your PhD? You can ask the dissertation diva anything about the process, and she’ll provide you insightful answers about the PhD process.

  45. UVIC Graduate Students’ Blog

    This informational blog covers graduate student issues at UVIC at the provincial, federal, and international level. If you’re interested in announcements about conferences and calls for papers, as well as links to other blogs, then this site is perfect for you.

  46. Get a Life, PhD

    Are you wanting to get into the world of academia, but are afraid it may take over your life? This blog will assist you in the life of getting a PhD, and how you can balance life and work and also attain a happier life on the tenure track.

  47. Katie PhD

    Are you into science, but also into reading and staying up-to-date with the science world? Then Katie’s PhD blog will be a great addition to your life. Katie writes about all the amazing science things going on around the world, and does so in an interesting and entertaining way.

  48. PhD Works

    In the middle of writing your PhD dissertation? This blog will provide you all you need to know about creating a thesis, editing, and proofreading.

  49. The Dutch PhD Coach

    With experience as a trainer and coach for PhD students, the blogger of this site can help you out in any PhD obstacle you may be facing. Whether it’s writing, coping with literature, balancing your work life, needing inspiration, or trying to solve a conflict with an advisor, this blog can assist you.

  50. The PhD Blog

    You may be thinking about doing doctoral-level research, but just can’t decide. If this is the case, then the PhD Blog is aimed at you, especially if you’re looking to study management.

  51. My Exciting PhD Journey

    This is a blog about one student’s journey to getting their PhD at Glasgow University. It covers topics such as getting into graduate school, how to manage stress, and it also reviews interesting lectures and events.

  52. PhD Life

    Have you ever felt bogged down by all your PhD research? This blog may be able to relieve some of that stress with a few laughs in the articles analysis of what it’s like to get a PhD.

  53. PhD2Published

    First time academic publishers shouldn’t miss this great blog. It offers a wealth of hints and tips for early-career academics on how to get published as well providing discussion on the future of academic publishing in the e-age.

  54. ZunguZungu

    Written by a student, this blog has an entertaining and intellectual flare that many other academic blogs do not possess. As a self-proclaimed “web-log,” blogs are written about many topics, both academic and worldly.

  55. Slothy Science

    Written from an advantage point of two academic fields, this blog covers a variety of educational topics in an intriguing and unique way. Articles focus on non-invasive research techniques such as sound recorders and automatic cameras to monitor ecological communities, as well as the use of micromentaries as a tool for communicating science.


    Focusing on research, policy, and practice, this blog aims to build a bridge between all three. Blogs don’t just focus on topics of math and algebra, but also cover things such as ethics and how to properly teach math.

  57. Classy Career Girl

    Are you a woman feeling a bit stuck in your career? Or perhaps you’re graduating college soon and need to know how to get a job? Whatever the case may be, this blog will help you become the happy, successful and balanced career woman that you deserve to be.

  58. Research Blogging

    Research Blogging features articles about all types of scientific research, from cell programming to neurology, linguisitics, biology, and beyond. There’s something here for any curious student looking to read some science writing from within their field or outside it.

  59. Brazen Careerist

    The Brazen Careerist blog is full of helpful articles that can assist you in finding a new career path. Offering advice, tutorials, and virtual career paths, this blog is perfect for recent graduates in search of a new job.

  60. Thesis Whisperer

    The Thesis Whisperer is a newspaper focusing on all things related to writing a thesis. Published once a week, you can find interesting and new topics to assist you when writing your thesis.

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The blogs below are written partly or entirely by professors, and cover a range of subjects, from pure academia to personal life stories and tips for current grad students and professors.

  1. The College Puzzle

    Based out of Stanford University, this Website is dedicated to help students succeed through higher education. Blog topics cover areas such as: how to prepare students for higher education, how online education can be beneficial for certain students, and more.

  2. Reidar Mosvold’s Mathematics Research Blog

    If you’re interested in mathematics, research, and education, then Reidar Mosvold’s mathematic blog is for you. Mosvold writes about mathematics in a fascinating way that will capture you and make you want to do some research of your own.

  3. PhD Studies in Human Rights

    This is a weblog for students engaged in doctoral studies in the field of human rights. It is intended to provide information about contemporary developments, references to new publications and material of a practical nature.

  4. B’s Law

    B’s Law is a blog run by Brian Lawler. It takes a unique stance on law, including human rights, mathematics, and other theoretical subjects.

  5. Prawfs Blawg

    PrawfsBlawg is an interesting blog about a variety of topics related to law and life. It’s operated by PrawfsBlawg LLC, a limited liability corporation based in Florida, and it has a variety of different writers.

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Math & Science

The sites below are all about Math and Science. Medical students, physics departments, and environmental scientists are all represented, and a bevy of other disciplines are covered by the sites listed below.

  1. Graduate Blogs: Department of Mathematics

    Based out of the University of Toronto, this blog is perfect for anyone interested in or currently involved with mathematics at an academic graduate level. It offers information about graduate mathematics programs, particularly at Toronto University.

  2. Doing Mathematics

    Writing as a teacher, educator, and researcher, Bryan Meyer provides interesting blog reading on mathematics. Teaching in an inclusive classroom environment at a project-based charter school, he brings a unique creativity to many entries.

  3. UI Physics Graduate Student Blog

    Written by graduate students at UI, this blog isn’t just another university blog. Articles include academic deadlines, grad college posts, fellowships and job opportunities, and other information that you’ll find useful.

  4. Math Club @ VCU

    The Math Club at Virginia Commonwealth University runs this interesting and informative math site. If you’re looking for math YouTube videos, free textbooks, grad school resources, blogs, free math video lectures, and more, then this is a site you should visit frequently.

  5. AMS Graduate Student Blog

    Written by current math students, this informational blog is written for other mathematics students. They welcome those who are passionate about learning math to chime in on their blog, write on the discussion board, or make suggestions.

  6. Life as a Medical Student

    Medical school life is stressful and you must learn to balance school, work, and life. This blog, written by a medical school student, will assist you through your own med school journey–both the ups and downs.

  7. A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

    If humor and medicine is your perfect combination, then you’ll be visiting this blog frequently! Written through cartoons you can see the process and trials and tribulations of becoming a doctor.

  8. Diary of a Caribbean Med Student

    Want to hear of an atypical medical school story? Benji shares his own med school adventure through this blog recording his time at the American University of the Caribbean.

  9. Medscape Connect

    Everyone needs a little escape, which is exactly what Medscape is for medical school students. With the stressful and demanding load that med school puts on its students, Medscape opens up a space for students to share their insights and experiences both good and bad, in order to create a community of support and understanding.

  10. Mind on Medicine

    Somewhat satirical, this blog offers a new perspective of a medical school student. You can read all about the writer’s adventures with medicine, patients, school, fellow students, social media and more.

  11. The Road Less Travelled

    A blog written by an openly gay woman, you can read about an alternative side and understanding to medicine. Studying in Scotland, this blog offers an international flare to its wide range of topics, including medicine, patients, social life, work, homosexuality and more.

  12. Miss Atomic Bomb

    As the tagline states, this blog covers “the life and times of a female researcher in nuclear physics.” Some interesting topics include nuclear astrophysics, research, applied physics, engineering physics, and more.

  13. The Geography and Environment Postgraduate Blog

    With a strong publication record, this blog produces some of the best pieces in geography and environment studies. Based out of Southampton, one of Britain’s leading centers for geographical research, you can read about excellent facilities as well as a thriving research culture.

  14. Playing with Data

    Patrick Marsh is a Ph.D. candidate, student, and a worker at the Hazardous Weather Testbed, in addition to being an interesting writer. If you’re interested in studying meteorology, or have any interest in weather forecasting, then this blog will satisfy your curiosity.

  15. Restless Doc

    Coined as the previously restless med school student, this blog, written by a current doctor, explores a unique side of being a doctor and how one restless soul may never be content. Articles are written about medicine, in addition to traveling and searching through life.

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MBA & Law

Blogging about law and business school can be way to network with other students in the field or even meet professionals who have already started their business or law careers. The sites below can all be useful for anyone studying business or law at the graduate level.

  1. Vermont Law School: JD Law Student’s Blog

    Open to students enrolled in Vermont’s law school, this blog provides insights into the lives of real law school students. Whether you’re interested in going to law school, currently are in law school, or have been in law school, you’ll have helpful snippets of information and interesting articles within this blog’s pages.

  2. Law is Cool

    Coming from Canada, this is a powerful podcast and blog open to anyone interested in law. Addressing issues related to law school and the legal field, they have a Canadian focus and ask that you participate with their interactive resources, too.

  3. First Movers

    Working as a collaborative blog between JD’s and Graduate division law school students, this blog provides all the current information about papers and programs that law students can become involved in. They cover all areas of law, including environmental, medical, and more.

  4. Law School Funk

    Within this blog you can find interesting and provocative stories chronicling the life of a law student. Blog topics include notes on some of the subjects studies, as well as some case digests.

  5. Comfortably Dumb!

    Traveling all over the world and most recently living in the Bay Area, the author of this blog will take you on an adventurous ride. You can learn a lot through her own studies of law, art, and more.

  6. July Dream

    Although written by a lawyer, this blog focuses more on life anecdotes and relationships. The range of topics is quite large and interesting, including essays, recent news, personal life, and more.

  7. MBA Blogs: Manchester Business School

    A blog written by students of the Manchester Business School, you can find educational articles and essays, as well as happenings at the school. Even if you don’t go to Manchester, the blog provides insight into the lives of English business school students in addition to knowledgeable articles.

  8. Military to Business

    Coming from a unique perspective, within this blogs articles you can hear U.S. military officers discuss their experience at Harvard Business School. Blog articles focus on a variety of topics, most somehow related to military and business, and are written in an interesting way.

  9. UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA Blog

    This blog gives you an exciting behind-the-scenes look at life at a leading international business school. The blog is meant as an online extension to their already established MBA community, but it gives outsiders a look into what students are learning at business school.

  10. UC Davis Graduate School of Management Student Blogs

    Student blogs at the UC Davis Graduate School include ambassador trips, exciting events on campus, tips on classwork, and more. Like most student blogs, these writings will give you an look at what it’s like to be an MBA student at UC Davis.

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MFA & Humanities

Fine arts and humanities are sometimes scoffed at for not being “hard sciences,” but the cultural work produced by those who study art and the humanities is often just as important and valuable as that produced in a laboratory.

  1. The Daily Plan-it: Dean of Students Blog at Colombia J-School

    Are you interested in journalism? Well, this blog would be the perfect way to know more about J-School. Written by the dean of students at the best J-School in the nation, articles are well-articulated and up-to-date on all things journalism.

  2. Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication Blog

    Unlike most student blogs that are aimed at an institute’s students only, this blog welcomes all those who are interested in journalism and communication. Written by students from the Philippines and in Asia, most articles are focused on development issues and concerns.

  3. Research Center News

    This blog focuses on news from the research center of CUNY graduate school of journalism. Blog posts are written in an interesting way and focus on happenings at the school, in addition to current events and developments in the field of journalism.

  4. NU Journalism Abroad 2012

    Written by Northern University students currently in Jordan, this blog brings an international emphasis to almost all the articles. If you’re interested in journalism, the Middle East, and international affairs, then you ought to check this blog out.

  5. Blogtown, USA

    This blog is written by someone currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Practice at Portland State University. If you’re interested in how someone juggles freelancing projects while attempting to get an MFA and create passionate art, you should read a few blog posts here.

  6. Brooks MFA Photography Blog

    Brooks Institute’s MFA program is one of the best photography art programs focused on image making as a cultural force. This blog is written by students and professors, and showcases artwork as a mode of personal expression, supporting the aesthetic exploration in all forms of lens based and light based media.

  7. Penn Design MFA Forum

    Run by students, the University of Pennsylvania MFA blog and forum is a resource for current students enrolled in the MFA program. Other artists and alumni will also find the articles interesting, as there are announcements of events, lectures and exhibitions, as well as student’s current artwork.

  8. Tyler School of Art MFA Blog

    Primarily a news blog, candidates and alumni community are welcome to see art achievements of past and current students at Temple University. The site features exciting achievements, in addition to upcoming exhibitions and events that involve Tyler MFAs.

  9. One Mean MFA

    Taking a unique path compare to most other MFA blogs, this particular blog focuses on the adventures of an MFA student and teaching assistant at a state university. Most articles focus on creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

  10. Rutgers MFA Blog

    Written for Rutgers prospective, current, and past students, and written by rutgers current students and alumni, this outstanding blog has persuasive articles about MFA degrees and more. Most blog entries are about visiting artists or exhibits, as well as current developments in the field.

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What should I look for in an online PhD program?

At the doctoral level, many fields branch off into research, academic, or leadership specialties, making it critical to find a program that is right for you. Consider important facts about the program such as: accreditation, status as fully online or a hybrid program, and if it prepares graduates to meet requirements (be they certification, exams, or otherwise) for their desired profession.

We have provided a list of common online PhD programs from accredited schools below:

Northcentral University
Northcentral University

  • HLC
  • NCA
Walden University
Walden University

  • HLC
  • NCA
Liberty University
Liberty University

  • SACS
Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University

  • HLC

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