Google+ Pages Every PhD Candidate Should Follow

Research is not a solitary pursuit. Anyone pursuing a graduate degree or PhD that requires a great deal of original research should be regularly communicating with others in the same academic field, and looking at related research findings as they come out.

These Google Plus pages are sorted by a variety of factors, including activity level, amount of topical content, and subject matter, but this list is not meant as a ranking of the quality of the pages. They’re all great!

Participating intellectually and socially in the academic community can open doors and introduce new ideas that become invaluable to a grad or doctoral student’s success. Since Google Plus has such a rich community of academics, it is a great place for grad students and PhDs to meet and talk about dissertation and thesis issues, research roadblocks, and the general rigors of intense academic study.


    Google Plus communities have formed around many aspects of the PhD experience, from dissertation writing to managing personal relationships while committing huge amounts of time to academics.


  1. Graduate Students: The Grad Student Brain


    This is an online community for all graduate students, offering resources and support for the journey that is earning an advanced degree. From writing a CV to finding a job to managing stress to ultimately knowing if grad school is right for you, this community has something for everyone at every stage of learning.



  3. Doctor of Philosophy


    This Google community structures itself as a “doctoral student support network”. They welcome any discussions or questions of PhD related topics, including feedback on research problems, dissertations, or jobs.



  5. Dissertation Support


    This Google+ account exists to help graduate students. They provide free resources and dissertation support for graduate students working on their dissertation.



  7. Hack Your PhD


    Hack Your PhD offers great tips for current graduate students. They offer job resources, study tools, dissertations helps, and potential research projects.



  9. International Research Workshop


    For international PhD students, this Google community serves international students with information including discussion, international academic jobs and calls for papers. It is a great and straightforward resource for PhD students around the globe.



  11. Dissertation Help and Support Group: Dissertation Genius


    This is a great resource for PhD students from all disciplines. They offer help and support for writing and defending dissertations, choosing a dissertation topic, finding measures, analysis, and more.



  13. Dissertation and Thesis Writing


    This Google community is run by a PhD who has come through the dissertation process herself and offers current PhD students tips and helps for dissertation and thesis writing and completion. Regular posts include advice and support, as well as links to writing and feedback groups.



  15. Academic Writing Resource


    Academic Writing Resource offers custom writing support and editing by expert writing. Their academic research and writing can be used for a number of papers ranging from research and term papers to thesis and dissertations.



  17. Whiteleaf Editing


    Whiteleaf Editing is a community that should be at the top of PhD students’ reference list. Their ability to assist with dissertation editing and grammar questions makes it invaluable for making sure the paper is in top notch shape.



  19. Mathematics Research


    Mathematics Research is a community designed for mathematics professionals in an academic setting. PhD students in math will find the posts on the site useful for refined information on some fairly complex concepts.



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    Professors & Assistant Profs

    Professors and Assistant Professors who participate in discussions on Google Plus can be a great resource for grad students seeking guidance, direction, or advice.


  21. Justin Wolfers


    Justin Wolfers attended Harvard to become an economist and eventually became a professor and writer on the economy. On his Google+ page, he regularly shares his advice on the economy and published writing.



  23. Leonard Sweet


    An author and history professor, Leonard Sweet regularly posts on politics, history, and religion. Those who follow him on Google+ can find interesting perspectives on global religion and current political climates.



  25. Jonathan Eisen


    Jonathan Eisen works as an evolutionary biologist and a professor in California. His research focuses on ecology and evolution and his lab work on analyzing genomes.



  27. Cameron Conaway


    Cameron Conaway is a professor of creative writer at the University of Arizona. His posts focus on poetry, writing, and activism, and include videos, articles, and many posts from his organization The Good Men Project.



  29. Gonzalo Bacigalupe


    Gonzalo Bacigalupe attended the Harvard School of Health and is now a researcher and professor. He posts regularly on healthcare and starts conversations about perspectives in quality of health.



  31. Eric Goldman


    Eric Goldman is a Professor at Santa Clara University School of Law. He shares regular posts about lawsuits, settlements, infringements, personal rights, and more.



  33. Kenna Griffin


    Kenna Griffin is a professor of journalism at Oklahoma City University, and a self-proclaimed “mega news nerd.” Her G+ posts are packed with great info and regular lists of internships for students serious about media.



  35. Paul Levinson


    Paul Levinson is a Professor of Communication & Media Studies who earned his PhD from New York University. He now works primarily as a teacher, but also as a writer of 15 books and numerous articles and studies.



  37. Marco Iacoboni


    A Neuroscientist and UCLA Professor, Marc Iacoboni posts on a large number of topics. He shares book links, brain medicine, and research.



  39. Jacquelyn Gill


    Jacquelyn Gill works for the University of Maine in the School of Biology and Ecology. She researches and teaches on research the climate change, ecology and biogeography.



  41. Daniel Simons


    A psychology professor and author, Daniel Simons conducts research on perception, attention, and awareness. He occasionally uses social media to share his experiments, as well as other details and results from the world of psychology.



  43. Professor Dimitrios Buhalis


    Dimitrios Buhalis is a professor and strategic management and marketing expert. He regularly posts about the tourism industry, marketing, branding, international communication, and how all of these things come together in business.



  45. Terri Griffith


    Terri Griffith posts information that helps people work with technology and connect with organizations. She works as a professor at a school of business and is the author of The Plugged in Manager.



  47. Bud Gibson


    A business professor at Eastern Michigan University, Bud Gibson focuses on technology and marketing. He consistently posts and comments on new tablets, computers, operating systems, and technology workshops.



  49. Ian O’Byrne


    This Google+ page is run by an assistant professor at the University of New Haven, examining literacy and digital communication. He attempts to bring to light the importance of the digital sphere in literacy and learning communication.



  51. Shannon Monnat


    Shannon Monnat is an assistant professor in New York researching and teaching classes on health disparities, racial inequality, and social stratification. Her posts all focus on topics like mental illness, poverty, healthcare, and other social issues.



  53. Michael Habib


    Michael Habib works at the University of Southern California. His page is filled with reptiles, dinosaurs, and articles on bugs.



  55. Chris Robinson


    Math and science centered, this social media account shares tons of math graphics, science cartoons and articles about being a graduate student. Run by an Ohio State professor, it also has regular posts about Ohio State Athletics.



  57. Paul Harper


    Paul Harper is a professor of mathematics at Cardiff University in Wales. He posts regularly about life in Wales, as well as his work and research.



  59. Dan Christensen


    After graduating from MIT, Dan Christiansen went to work as a professor in Canada. He teaches advanced mathematics, such as Algebraic Topology, Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics.



  61. Richard Green


    Richard Green is a mathematics professor out of the University of Colorado. His posts are both new and historically interesting mathematical ideas that work to appeal to a general audience.



  63. Dawn Bowdish


    Dawn Bowdish is an assistant professor. Her account focuses on biology and health, as well the graduate classes she teaches.



  65. Robert Jacobson


    Robert Jacobson earned his PhD at Texas A&M and now works as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Roger Williams University. His posts are usually science-related and focus in on science in everyday life.



  67. Scott Carter


    Scott Carter works at the University of South Alabama as a math professor. His posts are often math lessons, lectures, and tips and solutions for math problems.



  69. Theron Hitchman


    Theron Hitchman did graduate work at the University of Michigan and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Iowa. He has grown a considerable social media following through his knowledge of math, his academic research, and his perspective on the teaching profession.



  71. Kateryna Artyushkova


    Kateryna Artyushkova is an analytical chemist and research professor. She works doing material characterization and statistical data analysis for energy technologies and often posts about energy and chemistry processes.



  73. Alec Couros


    A professor of media and education technology, Alec Couros uses his Google + page as extension of what he shares in his courses – how to use and take advantage of the educational potential offered by the tools of connectivity.



  75. Michael Geist


    Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa and his Google Plus account is sure to be one of the most dense with useful law news articles to reference. Other academics chime in with commentary on the articles, so those getting a PhD in law should be sure to take advantage of engaging in the forum on his page as much as possible.



  77. Chris Blattman


    Chris Blattman writes and shares about development, economics, politics, Africa, and foreign policy. He works as a political science professor at Yale.



  79. Brad King


    Professor Brad King teaches at Ball State University where he specializes in human and computer interaction. He’s currently writing a book that explains how social structures can form on the Internet and the significance of it. He’s had a wide-ranging career, starting in journalism and moving on to computer studies. His page will be useful to any of those students.



  81. Pamela Ronald


    Pamela Ronald studies Plant Pathology as a professor at University of California, Davis. Her work detailing genes covers the way that plants respond to their environment, making it a valuable resource to anyone concerned with the genetics and/or biology.



  83. Jeremy Littau


    Jeremy Littau’s Google+ profile reflects his interests in journalism, social media, and online communities. He is a journalism professor at Lehigh University where he teaches on most of these same topics.



  85. Brian Kurilla


    Brian Kurilla is a psychologist and scientist. He lives and works in North Carolina and shares information about the study of memory through social media.



  87. William L. Weaver


    William L. Weaver is a university professor and earned his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The Ohio State University. He posts interesting inventions and great developments in technology. PhD students can use his site to get useful insight into technology, news, politics, and more.



  89. Cornelius Toole


    Cornelius Toole is an assistant professor of computer science at Tougaloo College and has an active Google Plus page that is lush with useful computer science posts. PhD students should use it to see interesting technology-related posts and what it’s like to work in academia on the computer science side.



  91. Phil Ashman


    Phil Ashman is a professor at Okanagan College, specializing in Network & Telecomm Engineering. He’s a worthwhile read concerning IT, network engineering, and technology, but he has wide-ranging interests that he posts on as well.



  93. Derya Unutmaz


    Derya Unutamaz is a professor of microbiology, pathology and medicine at New York University. This blog follows some of the advances in biology, medicine and health.



  95. Josh Braun


    Josh Braun posts regularly about his own research and work in “sciences in the media.” As an assistant professor at Quinnipiac University, he teachers film, video, and interactive media and regularly writes about social media, ereaders, tablets, and operating systems.



  97. Mark Brandt


    A professor of social and political psychology, Mark Brandt also considers himself a lifelong learner. He often shares posts about politics, social science, and academic psychology.



  99. Sonam Puri


    Sonam Puri lives in Delhi and is an assistant professor in Media Studies at Amity University. Her blog posts cover topics like functions of communication, logistics, and brand positioning.



  101. Matteo Cerri


    Matteo Cerri works in neurophysiology as an assistant professor of physiology at the University of Bologna, Italy. What makes his Google Plus page such a great source is the combination of news and academic commentary he posts related to neurons.



  103. Mickey Atwal


    Mickey Atwal lives and breathes science, as he was once a theoretical physicist and became a quantitative biologist. He works as an assistant professor and regularly shares, health, biological, and genetic news, facts, and research.



  105. Professor Majid Samii


    Professor Majid Samii is the founder and president of the International Neuroscience Institute. His Google+ page is updated regularly with neuroscience news and research out the Neuroscience Institute.



  107. Christof Teuscher


    Christof Teuscher has an impressive background in electrical and computer engineering, along with a great presentation of photography on his Google Plus page. PhD students can use his page to see how to maximize talents while pursuing a career as a professor.



  109. Ronald Buelow


    Ronald Buelow teaches at DeVry University and uses his Google Plus page to communicate the latest news concerning technology, math, and science. It’s useful to those studying any of those subjects and wants a source compiled with some of the most interesting articles.



  111. Noah Mclaughlin


    A French professor working at Kennesaw State University, Noah Mclaughlin posts news about conferences and life as a professor to his 14,000 followers. His followers can also benefit from and enjoy his regular academic to-do lists and fun posts about comic book and science fiction interests.



  113. Alexandre Vaudrey


    An assistant professor working at a French university, Alexandre Vaudrey often posts links and videos to lectures and research related to his work – the study of science and the physical environment.



  115. Kenneth Read


    Kenneth Read is a research physicist and physics professor. He posts regularly about the solar system, mathematics research, and particle science.



  117. William Stein


    William Stein is a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington and started the Sage Mathematical Software Project. PhD candidates should check him out to see the interesting posts on Sage, along with other projects he’s working on.



  119. Marc Steinberg


    Marc Steinberg is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Rutgers’ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and researches tobacco use and dependence. PhD students studying addiction and psychology will be able to benefit greatly from the useful posts on tobacco on his Google Plus page.



  121. John Kinsey


    John Kinsey has a very interesting Google Plus page with his intelligence and wit shining vibrantly through the posts. He studies cultural theory and his background, along with content on the Google Plus page, will be useful to philosophy, religion, and anthropology students.



  123. Bjoern Hartmann


    Bjoern Hartmann is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and posts information and referential tools PhD students will find useful as they tackle this challenging career. His Google Plus page is loaded with useful articles and events around UC Berkeley.



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    Students & Candidates

    Fellow PhD candidates may well be the best social companions for any grad student, since it can be hard for people outside academia to understand the incredible amount of work and devotion that is required to successfully complete doctoral study.


  125. Christopher Lee


    Working at and attending the University of Oregon as a PhD candidate, Christopher Lee studies and writes about sports business and behavior. His posts, then, are sports highlights, overviews, and commentary.



  127. Heather Doran


    A PhD Student in Molecular Pharmacology, Heather Doran writes about science and how to create better communication in the science industry. Her blogs focus on interesting developments in science, but also on how to successfully work through a PhD program.



  129. Steve Moss


    Steve Moss is PhD Research Student in Bioinformatics. His posts cater to his interests, skills, and his scholarly pursuits, including links to high performance computer systems and programming possibilities.



  131. Mark Whiting


    Mark Whiting is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Various posts include commentary on different social, global, and technological issues.



  133. Eric Michael Johnson


    This science writer uses his Google+ page to shares his published work in Scientific American, Discover, Times Higher Education, the Journal of Human Evolution and more. He is currently working towards his PhD in History of Science and already holds a graduate degree in Evolutionary Anthropology, making him a great resource for these journals.



  135. Tom Houslay


    Tom Houslay writes about science, focusing on evolution, sexual selection, and insects. His page is full bugs, diagrams, infographs, and interesting scientific podcast.



  137. Jessica Morrison


    A PhD student in mineralogy, Jessica Morrison uses her Google+ account to share her Chicago Tribute articles and others science research pieces. She covers a diverse and interesting range of topics from baby food to growing plants to the science of Spiderman.



  139. Sander Timmer


    As a PhD student of Biological sciences at Cambridge, Sander Timmer uses his Google+ account to share information about academics, graduate degrees and science. His posts often focus in on cutting edge technology or recent science news and discoveries.



  141. Jessica Meyer


    Jessica Meyer lives in England and studies biorobotics, artificial intelligence, and evolution computation. Her page is filled with fascinating posts on robotics, computers, engineering, and other technological breakthroughs.



  143. Pawan Kumar


    Pawan Kumar lives and studies in India at Patna University. His academic pursuits focus on physics, mathematics, and how to help people develop a better system for remembering concepts in these disciplines.



  145. Bart Rogiers


    Bart Rogiers, as a PhD student in hydrogeology, shares his graduate journey through his Google + account. From conference and paper announcements to research progress to thesis publications, his social media page tracks his PhD success.



  147. Ryanne Dolan


    Ryanne Dolan is an instructor at the University of Missouri who teaches Cs and IT courses while currently working on his dissertation in computer science. He shares a lot of links that about programming languages, cell phone performance, and operating systems.



  149. Look Sharp! Lansing


    Alison is a PhD candidate and fashion blogger in Michigan. Her Google+ account focuses mostly on her work as a blogger and her fashion finds across Lansing.



  151. Ian Goodfellow


    Ian Goodfellow is an engineering PhD candidate in Canada working at Google. His account is a really interesting source for information about sciences, machines, and Google.



  153. Michael Mauderer


    A computer science PhD student, Michael Mauderer lives in Scotland and works at the University of St. Andrews. Outside of science and computers, one of his passions is photography, which he shares on this social media profile.



  155. Cotton Rockwood


    Cotton Rockwood is getting his doctorate in Biological Oceanography. He posts regularly about natural phenomenon, ocean impact, and other environmental issues.



  157. Jan Teichmann


    Jan Teichmann is a PhD student who regularly posts about science and math news. He also shares posts and photos from his own journey through graduate school.



  159. Zainab Usman


    Zainab Usman is a doctoral candidate focused largely on human rights in Africa and how we can come together on issues that affect millions of individuals. Her page is most useful for those involved in international social work or political science.



  161. Lin Humphrey


    Lin Humphrey is a PhD Candidate in Marketing at Texas Tech University and he’s a well-versed public speaker with events scheduled globally. Marketing students will find this site really interesting because he attributes very worthwhile commentary to the most notable events in the industry today.



  163. Ricardo Vidal


    A bioengineer and PhD candidate, Ricardo Vidal studies at Queen’s University. Posts about science, education, and technology are of interest to anyone else in a similar field, as well as anyone interested in social media, engineering, or programing.



  165. Justin Kiggins


    Justin Kiggins is a PhD Student in Neuroscience at UCSD. His Google+ posts are regularly academic, science centered, and are highly informative for both grad students and regular readers.



  167. Ross Mounce


    PhD students will be able to relate to Ross Mounce and his Google Plus page detailing his current work at the University of Bath studying fossils in phylogeny. He’s also very active in open knowledge and coursework, which is presents another piece of appeal regarding useful information to learn.



  169. Connor Bamford


    Connor Bamford attends the Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland, where he studies virology for his PhD. Most of his posts are disease related, with information about HIV, vaccines, and more.



  171. Nettrice Gaskins


    Nettrice Gaskins works at and attends the Georgia Institute of Technology where she is a research artist and educator doing a study on Google+ use. Her own Google+ account is centered community based art projects as well as on digital art and technology.



  173. Jeremy Wildeman


    Jeremy Wildeman is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. He is conducting research on foreign aid, and regularly posts about international news, supporting refugees, and more.



  175. Dana Blouin


    Dana Blouin is a PhD student at Thammasat University and focuses efforts on engineering and technology. The posts on the Google Plus page are focused on technology and the Internet, so PhD students in these fields will benefit most from this.



  177. Max Roald Eckardt


    Max Eckardt is a programmer and designer, currently writing his PhD thesis. A common theme in his posts is technology – open source software, software development, coding and gaming.



  179. Joanna Malukiewicz


    Joanna Malukiewicz is a PhD Candidate and teaching assistant at Arizona State University and has specialized in Biology. She gives great commentary on Biology news and points out some potentially useful solutions. Those involved in science will be able to relate to her thoughtful perspective on issues.



  181. Felix Lanzalaco


    Felix Lanzalco is a PhD student of Neuroscience and is also the chairman of the Scottish Foundation for Neurodevelopment Research. The posts on his Google Plus page news pieces concerning neuroscience and he includes useful commentary to make it easier to understand.



  183. Maxim Khalilov


    Maxim Khalilov regularly shares job and scholarship opportunities for graduate students. Jobs range from academic to managerial to engineering to opportunities for translators – grad students from every discipline can start a search for internship, scholarship or job here.



  185. Peta Foster


    Peta Foster is a laser-plasma physicist in the UK. She mainly posts interesting science that she has been a part of, including experiments with the laser systems.



  187. Ulrich Dobramysl


    Ulrish Dobramysl is a post-doctoral student at The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Mathematics PhD students should utilize this site to see what post-doctoral research typically looks like and how to get further involved in the field.



  189. Frank Shifreen


    Frank Shifreen is a teacher in New York City, as well as an active artist in a variety of mediums. He’s currently a doctoral student at Columbia University and has a great Google Plus page to see where teaching and art come together. His first-hand experience as a teacher also makes him a valuable source to get inside perspective.



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    General PhD Pages


  191. PHD Comics


    PhD Comics offers graduate students a fun, light hearted take on earning a PhD. Their comics are hilarious and poignant insight into graduate life and perfect commiserating for grad students working through their research.



  193. Ph.D Girl


    PhD Girl is a Google+ account that chronicles one girl’s quest towards her doctorate degree – the struggles and the successes. She welcomes others to join the conversation, receive the answers about college degree programs and get support from others in similar life situations.



  195. GradGreenhouse


    GradGreenhouse helps to get college graduates into the jobs they deserve and works with a number of institutions looking to only hire the best individuals. This is a go-to site when PhD students are entering the end of their collegiate path and want to secure a stable job.



  197. GradHacker


    GradHacker is a collaborative blog created by graduate students across disciplines. It services a community of PhD students across universities and interests with practical support and advice about publishing, presenting, teaching and working.



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