PhD in Psychology

PhD in Psychology

A PhD in Psychology is the highest level of education in this field. This advanced degree prepares graduates to sit for psychology licensing exams. With a PhD you can work in research or academic positions or practice as a clinical or counseling psychologist. Many doctoral programs take five to seven years to complete, depending on the coursework, dissertation requirements, and other graduation criteria.

Finding an online program for your desired concentration can be difficult. Many schools now offer alternatives to their traditional programs, but each school can differ greatly in selection of specializations and programs. Several schools now specialize in online programs, including:

My Degree and What It’s Good For

With a PhD in Psychology, you can work as a clinical psychologist or focus your career on teaching or research. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the “demand for clinical and counseling psychologists will increase as people continue to turn to psychologists to help solve or manage their problems.” This is good news for graduates and with a PhD, you’ll be in a great position to secure a high-level role in the field. Psychologists can work in a number of different settings including:

  • clinics
  • community and mental health centers
  • hospitals
  • private practices
  • schools
  • scientific research and development centers

My Earning Potential

Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earned a mean annual wage of $73,090 in May 2011, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, salaries vary widely depending on your location, training, and years of experience. If you choose to work in private practice, you can set your own rates and fees.

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