PhD in Educational Leadership/Administration

PhD in Educational Leadership/Administration

A PhD in Educational Leadership/Administration is designed to prepare graduates to work as professors, principals, district administrators, and other positions in the academic field. With a PhD, you’ll be ready to take your career and your future to the next level.

Finding an online program for your desired concentration can be difficult. Many schools now offer alternatives to their traditional programs, but each school can differ greatly in selection of specializations and programs. Several schools now specialize in online programs, including:

My Degree and What It’s Good For

A PhD in Educational Leadership/Administration is a terminal degree that can be earned in four to six years. Once you’ve completed all degree requirements, including a dissertation, you can pursue careers in a variety of settings, including:

  • Local and regional school districts
  • Private educational foundations
  • Private research and development companies
  • State Offices of Education
  • Testing development companies
  • U.S. Department of Education

My Earning Potential

With a PhD in Educational Leadership/Administration, salaries are respectable and vary depending on a variety of factors. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary education administrators earned a mean annual wage of $97,170 in May 2011. With a PhD, you can command higher compensation because of your extensive knowledge in the field.

Educational Leadership/Administration Doctoral Degree Programs

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