Public Administration

Public Administration

PhD programs in public administration and related fields are both challenging and rewarding. These degrees are typically research oriented and focus heavily on government decision making, analysis of various policies, organizational theory, and ethics. In order to earn a PhD in public administration or related discipline, you’ll need to complete the required coursework in addition to a dissertation.

Finding an online program for your desired concentration can be difficult. Many schools now offer alternatives to their traditional programs, but each school can differ greatly in selection of specializations and programs. Several schools now specialize in online programs, including:

My Degree and What It’s Good For

Armed with a PhD you’ll be prepared to assume senior-level positions in federal, state, or local government. Some graduates may choose to work in academia as a professor or department chair. Other popular career options include:

  • Management Analyst
  • Political Scientist
  • Public Administrator
  • Town Planner

My Earning Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide specific salary data for public administrators. However, some political scientists earn their PhD in public administration, and according to the BLS, they earned a mean annual wage of $105,040 in May 2011. Salaries vary depending on a number of different factors including industry, location, years of experience, and education.

Public Administration Doctorate Degree Programs

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