Best Career Resources for Grads and PhDs

Though statistics show that people with higher levels of education tend to earn more money over a lifetime, there can be intense competition to secure tenured professorships or other jobs at the top of the academic world or in highly intellectual business operations. The sites below offer the best advice available for smart people with lots of education looking to make their dent in academia or just find a challenging and rewarding job that uses their education to the fullest extent.

Coaching Tips

Career coaching is widely recommended for driven individuals looking to make a big step upward in their career, or even trying to make a lateral move into a different industry.

  1. Making a Good Life Happen

    Making a Good Life Happen is authored by a career and life coach with over 20 years of experience named Bonnie Bell. Posts on this site are meant to be inspiring to people looking to make positive changes in their personal lives and at work.

    Motivational Post: Life Lessons from the Olympics

  2. Alison Elissa Coaching

    Alison Elissa Coaching is a blog written by a career coach who specializes in helping young adults. Site content is centered on issues which impact people in their early twenties and thirties as they are choosing their career paths.

    Motivational Post: The One Thing You Cannot Base Your Career On

  3. Penelope Trunk

    Penelope Trunk is a self-named site run by a notable and respected professional career advisor. Articles on this site cover many different topics including career advice, coaching, and even homeschooling .

    Motivational Post: What Startup Life is Really Like

  4. Common Sense at Work

    Common Sense at Work is a site written by Ramon Greenwood, a professional career coach. This site offers free career advice and insider tips from a professional and seasoned perspective on the area.

    Motivational Post: Listen to Your Gut Reaction

  5. Philly Career Coach

    Philly Career Coach features advice and perspective from Rita Friedman, a certified career coach in Philadelphia. Her site covers information about the ever-changing job market as well as various other relevant and current events.

    Motivational Post: Some Good Tips for Phone Interviews

  6. Career Coach, Inc.

    Career Coach, Inc. is a blog ran by a certified executive coach with over twenty years’ experience in her profession, Julia Harris Wexler. Readers will gain insight from the posts written from a professional perspective about careers and the job market.

    Motivational Post: Are You Fulfilled in Your Profession?

  7. The Creative Career

    The Creative Career is a site dedicated to people who are graduating from college and transitioning into a career. Site visitors will discover tips as well as advice on outside resources.

    Motivational Post: Suggested Books

  8. Caroline Dowd-Higgins

    Caroline Dowd-Higgins is a self-named site written by professional author, career coach, speaker, and media host. Site posts covers information and advice on starting a new career and making the best of your employment.

    Motivational Post: New Year = New Career

  9. Advanced Career Coaching

    Advanced Career Coaching is all about how to find the right career and be the best at your job. Posts on this site are helpful for those looking to start a new career or make the most of their current one.

    Motivational Post: Office Confidential

  10. Dr. Lynn K. Jones

    Dr. Lynn K. Jones is a self-named site written with the purpose of helping people reach their potential. Readers will discover helpful tips about improving themselves both personally and professionally.

    Motivational Post: Faking Your Way To Success

  11. Eat Your Career

    Eat Your Career is dedicated to helping people grow and nourish their professional life. Posts on the site are all about individual improvement and how to handle common career issues.

    Motivational Post: How to Deal With an Overly Critical Boss

  12. My Factor Coaching and Consulting

    My Factor Coaching and Consulting is a site which offers career solutions and advice to readers. Posts on this site are about improving your career path and becoming the best professional you can be.

    Motivational Post: Using Life Principles to Do What Matter to You

  13. The Career Coach’s Blog

    The Career Coach’s Blog is full of strategies and insights on professional development. Posts are written from the perspective of a professional life coach, career coach, and career development expert.

    Motivational Post: The Art of Calling in Sick – Or Not

  14. Maggie Mistal

    Maggie Mistal is a self-named site owned and written by a well-known professional career consultant. Posts are written from a professional perspective and are meant to be helpful for people looking to improve their career situation.

    Motivational Post: Good Endings Make Good Beginnings

  15. The Career Coach Blog

    The Career Coach Blog is full of advice, strategy, and career search tips. Helpful tips and content on this site come from a professional career coaching perspective.

    Motivational Post: How Important is Having a Degree in a Job Search?

  16. Matt Casey Career Coach Blog

    The Matt Casey Career Coach Blog is written by a professional career coach who offers his free advice through this blog. Posts are all about issues which job seekers face and how to tackle them.

    Motivational Post: Does the Way You Job Hunt Show Your Age?

  17. Marty Nemko

    Marty Nemko is a site named after a notable and successful west coast career coach. This site is full of fresh ideas about reinventing yourself in the workforce and making the best of your career.

    Motivational Post: A Shortcut to Your Dream Job

  18. JobGeeks

    The site JobGeeks is authored by Dennis Smith who has over 15 years of experience in agency and corporate recruiting. Posts on this site are helpful for both job seekers and those who want to make the best of their position.

    Motivational Post: Working From Home? What’cha Doing?

  19. CareerBright

    This site is dedicated to career self-help, professional insights, and searching for a job. Content on this site covers the whole spectrum of finding employment and traveling down a career path.

    Motivational Post: Success to Your This New Year

  20. Skorcareer

    Skorcareer is a site which is meant to inspire its readers who want to have their ideal career. Posts on this blog cover issues for job seekers as well as small business owners.

    Motivational Post: How to Write a Company Profile for a Small Business

  21. Create Your Career Path

    Create Your Career Path is a site dedicated to career coaching from professional Hallie Crawford. Posts on this site cover issues that start in the interview and carrying out through one’s career.

    Motivational Post: Get Your Four Stories Ready for the Interview

  22. David Hults Career Str8 Talk

    David Hults Career Str8 Talk is a site which offers career counseling and advice for people who want to find more purpose in their life. Site visitors will learn how to master their career and handle the hurdles of the workforce.

    Motivational Post: Will Blogging Help Your Career?

  23. Two Roads Resources :: Career and Life Coaching

    Two Roads Resources is a new blog by John E. Long, formerly known as the Atlanta Career Coach. John writes about life and career coaching from his years of experience, and offers small bits of advice to help readers get through tough times and learn what they can do to grow and evolve in their career and personal lives..

    Motivational Post: Practice Stress Management This Holiday Season

  24. The Career Doctor Blog

    The Career Doctor Blog is written by professional career expert, career doctor, and career coach, Dr. Randall Hansen. Site visitors will gain valuable insights on the job market, finding a career, and developing yourself professionally from an expert perspective.

    Motivational Post: One Way to Follow Up If You’ve Heard Nothing After Submitting a Resume

  25. Corn on the Job

    Corn on the Job is a job search and career counseling blog written by expert Rich DeMatteo. Posts on this site are meant to help both the new job seekers and seasoned professionals.

    Motivational Post: How to Develop a Networking Strategy to Get Your Dream Job

  26. The Savvy Intern by YouTern

    The Savvy Intern by YouTern is a site which seeks to help young interns to become highly employable in their field. Posts on this site are full of contemporary and modern advice for finding a job in the current job market.

    Motivational Post: Create More Career Options: Earn an Online Certificate

  27. Career Sherpa

    Career Sherpa is a site dedicated to those who are embarking on a job search and want to find out how to improve their job-seeking skills. Posts on this site are meant to inform and help people who want to land a job or improve their current one.

    Motivational Post: New Habits for the New Year

  28. CareerSolvers Blog

    The CareerSolvers Blog offers advice on issues one may face while pursuing a career. Site users will find information about both finding a job and improving your current career from the perspective of a professional in this field.

    Motivational Post: Working with Chronic Pain

  29. [email protected]

    [email protected] offers inspiration and advice to people looking for a new career or those looking to improve their current one. This blog is written from the perspective of professional career counselor, Heather Mundell.

    Motivational Post: How to Give an Effective Performance Review

  30. I am Jason Seiden

    I am Jason Seiden is a professional blog written by the co-founder and CEO of a successful marketing company. Posts on this site are extremely helpful for professionals of any industry who want to learn how to do better in their working position.

    Motivational Post: How to Keep Your Personal & Professional Worlds Separate

  31. Career Chaos

    Career Chaos is a blog dedicated to career change written by Meg Montford. Posts on this site are very helpful to people going through a transition in their professional lives.

    Motivational Post: Busting Free From the Control of Email

  32. Elephants at Work

    Elephants at Work offers readers the latest information on career advancement to provide job seekers with an edge for finding a job in a competitive market. Site visitors will discover modern and relevant advice on landing a job.

    Motivational Post: Job Hunting Lessons: It’s In the Numbers

  33. Blogging4Jobs

    Blogging4Jobs is a site all about the modern workforce and the challenges a job seeker or employee will face. Posts on this site are meant to offer perspective and advice to professionals in the workforce.

    Motivational Post: Death of the Saleshole

  34. Life Between The Brackets

    Life Between The Brackets is written by the community director of ERE Media and Contributing Editor for, Lance Haun. The content on this site features his professional and personal perspective on issues in the professional world.

    Motivational Post: How Do You Deal With Stress?

  35. Careers Done Write

    Careers Done Write is a site by a professional resume writing service and career coaching group. Posts on this site cover issues which plague both the employed and the job seeker.

    Motivational Post: Tax Increase Survival Advice

  36. Work: A Career Blog

    Work: A Career Blog is a site about getting a job and keeping it. Content on this site is meant to help professionals handle the plunges of finding a job and securing their career.

    Motivational Post: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career

  37. Challenge Factory

    Challenge Factory is a blog that provides insights and interviews from professionals and experts in various career fields. Readers will learn about different careers from the actual employed workers in that profession.

    Motivational Post: Cool Careers – Clergy

  38. The Voice of Jobseekers

    The Voice of Jobseekers is a site written from the perspective of professional career counselor, Marc Anthony Dyson. Posts on this site address the challenges of finding a new job and how to overcome these difficulties.

    Motivational Post: Job Seekers: Learn to Be Liked

  39. College, Career, Life

    College, Career, Life offers resources and advice for recent college grads, students, and those looking for a new career. Content on this site is helpful for people who are just getting into the job market or who are pursuing a new field.

    Motivational Post: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Career

  40. Careerealism

    Careerealism is a site all about preparing for your next career move and how to plan for a new job. Posts on this site contain information about becoming the most hirable professional in your field.

    Motivational Post: 3 Ways to Rev Up Your Resume for 2013

  41. Career Confidential

    Career Confidential is a valuable tool for job seekers who want an extra edge in the job market. Posts on this site are meant to help people land an interview and get the job by using tips found on this site.

    Motivational Post: The Fastest Way to Find a Job Could Be Facebook

  42. Jobacle

    Jobacle is a site which offers readers career advice with an edge. Posts on this blog cover all the things a modern job seeker would need to know in order to land the perfect job and keep it.

    Motivational Post: How to Draft a Perfect Online Cover Letter

  43. Executive Resumes and Career Transition Strategies

    Executive Resumes and Career Transition Strategies offers creative and authoritative strategies for resume writing and job seeking. Readers will discover insightful and relevant information about gaining a career you want and being a successful professional.

    Motivational Post: Some Major Mistakes Seen on Executive Resume

  44. Harness the Power of Job Search

    Harness the Power of Job Search features field tested career advice for professionals seeking employment. Site visitors will discover valuable information about landing a job by using highly effective techniques.

    Motivational Post: Bad Advice From Well Meaning Mentors

  45. Doing What Works

    Doing What Works takes a progress focused approach to professionalism. Posts on this site are written from the perspective of psychologist and trainer of solution focused professionals, Coert Visser.

    Motivational Post: Best Posts of 2012

  46. Hire Imaging

    Hire Imaging offers modern career coaching solutions for today’s employment landscape. Posts on the site help readers to cover all of their bases in the search for a new career.

    Motivational Post: Are You Skipping Steps In Your Job Search?

  47. Career Potential

    Career Potential is a site dedicated to helping professionals to be their best selves in their job search and employment. Posts are focused on modern and proven methods for success in the job market.

    Motivational Post: Negotiating: The Rules of the Game

  48. Blue Sky Resumes Blog

    Blue Sky Resumes Blog is dedicated to the hurtles associated with the search for a new job. Content on this on site addresses common issues one might face while searching for a new job and offers tips and solutions to overcome problems.

    Motivational Post: How Long Should My Resume Be?

  49. Jibber Jobber

    Jibber Jobber is a site about modern career management. Content on this site provides solutions for searching for a job and getting the career you want using proven strategies.

    Motivational Post: Which Job Search Strategy Do You Like the Most?

  50. Position Ignition Blog

    The Position Ignition Blog is devoted to helping people take the next step in their career. Content on this site offers free career guidance and advice.

    Motivational Post: 5 Things Not to Write in a Cover Letter

  51. Live Your Legend

    Live Your Legend is a site which encourages people to pursue their employment dreams and change the world doing what they love. Posts on this site provide both motivation and direction for people who want to make a positive career move.

    Motivational Post: The One Habit That Will Lose You 37 Pounds, Land Your Dream Job & Get You Anything You Want

  52. Interview IQ

    Interview IQ is a site which teaches readers how to improve their job hunting skills and interview intelligence. Content on this site is meant to help improve one’s job search skills as well as improve employment status.

    Motivational Post: Successful Habits for Working From Home

  53. Career Tools, Direction and Coaching

    Career Tools, Direction and Coaching is a site dedicated to teaching people how to have the winning attitude to get what they want. Posts on this site cover important career-related topics such as accountability, positivity, and more.

    Motivational Post: The Right Mental Attitude

  54. Ideas for Job Search Career and Life

    Ideas for Job Search Career and Life offers site users great advice to better manage both their personal and professional lives. Site users can find helpful information in posts about overcoming obstacles in their job search and career.

    Motivational Post: Do You Have Job Search Burnout?

  55. Employment Digest

    Employment Digest shares the latest news on the job market as well as expert perspective on career-related issues. Posts are meant to help job seekers or people who want to make the most of their current career.

    Motivational Post: Career Changes Later In Life

  56. Pongo

    Pongo is a site meant to inspire readers to make a positive life change by pursuing the career they want. Information on this site is informative and helpful for people going through a professional transition.

    Motivational Post: Ten Ways to Take Charge of Your Career

  57. Daily Career Connection

    Daily Career Connection is a site full of career and professional development tips and advice. Content on this site is helpful for people at all levels of their career – from the job seeker to the employed professional.

    Motivational Post: Flying In for Job Interviews

  58. Career By Choice

    Career By Choice is a site dedicated to personal success and personal branding abroad. Posts on this site are meant to help people who work internationally.

    Motivational Post: How Do I Build a Career Abroad When I Don’t Speak Another Language?

  59. Inside Higher Ed

    Inside Higher Ed is a site for people who are currently, or seek to be, employed in the higher education field. Posts on this site offer advice and resources for pursuing a career as a staff member at a college or university.

    Motivational Post: Least Stressful Job? Really?

  60. A Perfect CV

    A Perfect CV is a site recognized as an expert in the field of writing CVs, Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles. Although A Perfect CV is a British company, it provides job change services to clients world-wide. For more career information, also visit A Perfect Career

    Motivational Post: Resume Tips- to fast-track your career

  61. W.P. Consulting & Associates

    W.P. Consulting & Associates is focused on providing clients with the resources, connections, and opportunities that contribute to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

    Motivational Post: Business Associates

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Job Search

Though “networking” is the biggest buzzword of the moment when it comes to getting desirable jobs, it really is important to get in touch with higher ups in your industry and make connections with business contacts. There are lots of resources online for social and professional networking within a particular academic or industry community.

  1. Idealist

    Idealist is a site which connects job seekers to job makers. Resources on this site provide people with the opportunity to find employment or employees.

    Motivational Post: Resources

  2. Ivy Exec Blog

    Ivy Exec is advanced online job search for the new generation of super smart graduates. This site’s blog entries have great advice but the real value lies in their service of helping you find mentorship and job opportunities that use your skills and help you grow.

    Motivational Post: A Must-Do New Year’s Resolution for the Career Savvy

  3. TalentEgg

    TalentEgg runs a fantastic online career magazine, the Career Incubator, which is updated regularly with tips and advice just for students and recent graduates.

    Motivational Post: 4 Novel Ways to Tackle Your Job Search In 2013

  4. The Grad Student Way

    The Grad Student Way is a site about navigating life as a grad student and how to transition into the workforce. Content on this site is written by Ryan Raver, a PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Pathology who combines his interests in science and online marketing to produce a fantastically useful website for grad students of all stripes.

    Motivational Post: 7 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

  5. Branching Points

    Branching Points is a site full of resources for grad students in science-related fields. Posts are meant to be helpful and informative for students seeking employment in their specialty.

    Motivational Post: Grantmaking

  6. Graduate Fog

    Graduate Fog is a blog meant to help grad students in finding a clear path for their career. Content helps site visitors with ideas as well as addresses news and current events relevant for graduate students.

    Motivational Post: Rail Fair Hikes to Hit Graduates Hard

  7. Michigan Job Fairs Blog

    The Michigan Job Fairs Blog is dedicated to bringing readers the latest news on the job market and job fairs in Michigan. Site visitors will discover the most current information about events and relevant news.

    Motivational Post: Michigan Professionals Job Fair Plans to Hire 950 Job Seekers

  8. is a social network that addresses two key issues for candidates. Firstly it gives candidates the ability to contact recruiters instantly and freely; and secondly it gives candidates control over privacy and what of their social media data is shared with recruiters.

    Motivational Post: Social Media Makes the Job Search Easier

  9. Bradley CVs

    Bradley CVs

    Bradley CVs is a professional curriculum vitae and resume writing service with 19 years of work helping professionals seek employment more effectively. Bradley offers a free price quote to anyone who asks, and provides many career search services in addition to CV writing.

    Motivational Post: How to Write a CV

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Professor & Student Blogs

Many professors and students use blogs to share their joys and sorrows about the academic and post-academic lifestyle, but the really useful ones are where they share advice for those just entering the transition from academia to the working world, and the ones listed below have great wisdom to offer.

  1. The Hour of the Bewilderness

    The Hour of the Bewilderness is written by an authority and occasional guest bloggers about life as an educator. Posts are all about professional hurtles and relevant current events.

    Motivational Post: I Wonder…

  2. Women in Higher Education

    Women in Higher Education is a monthly journal for women in academic settings to learn how to overcome barriers to their success and build a more supportive environment for their professional and academic goals.

    Motivational Post: Life is Long: Work Hard, Take Risks, Have Fun

  3. mama nervosa

    The site mama nervosa is written by two feminist mothers/ex-grad students who aspire to be writers. Posts cover topics about education, pop-culture, and personal insights from the authors.

    Motivational Post: Lucky 2013

  4. Sell Out Your Soul

    Sell Out Your Soul is written specifically for humanities majors who need a career guide to get them back on track. Blog posts on this site are meant to be both informative and motivational for people who want to improve their career or find a new one.

    Motivational Post: How to Get Out of Your Dead End Job

  5. Escape the Ivory Tower Blog

    Escape the Ivory Tower Blog is written by a life coach named Julie who spent many years trying to balance her personal life with her education and career. Posts on this site offer helpful insights on how to balance your life.

    Motivational Post: Find Your Spot

  6. Versatile PhD

    Versatile PhD is a site which aims to help grad students who are pursuing non-academic career fields. Site content is full of helpful advice and guidance for making the transition into the job market.

    Motivational Post: A Sacrifice Too Big?

  7. Post Academic

    Post Academic is all about students, grads, and post grads and what they choose to do after completing educational programs. This site contains posts which cover both current and relevant news and topics on careers and job seeking.

    Motivational Post: What to Do When HR Fails You

  8. Post-Tenure Review

    Post-Tenure Review is a collection of field notes on everyday life after tenure. Content on this site is very personal to the author and offers a very candid perspective on the life of an experienced educator.

    Motivational Post: Eleventh Hour Chaos Rethought

  9. Tenured Radical

    Tenured Radical is written by a professor of history who specializes in feminism, political history, and cultural criticism. Posts on this site offer a very blunt perspective on pop-culture issues as well as academic topics.

    Motivational Post: Teachers Are Not Soldiers

  10. Fumbling Towards Tenure

    Fumbling Towards Tenure is written about an experienced tenure track assistant professor. Site users will gain a candid insight on the daily and professional life of Dr. Becca.

    Motivational Post: The Mad Professor

  11. FemaleScienceProfessor

    FemaleScienceProfessor features the interesting musings of a science professor who is on staff at a large research university. Posts on this site are all about the professor’s educational career and daily events.

    Motivational Post: Mentor Bully

  12. Clio Bluestocking Tales

    Clio Bluestocking Tales is written by a historian and teacher in the educational industry. Content in this blog is candid and insightful about the professional career of an educator as well as topics from her personal life.

    Motivational Post: Reviewing Writing Style

  13. Academic Jungle

    Academic Jungle is written by a tenured female professor at a large public research university, in one of the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The posts on this blog are all about being a career professor.

    Motivational Post: Not Your Emergency

  14. Grumpy rumblings of the half-tenured

    Grumpy rumblings of the half-tenured is a site written from a professor’s perspective with a bit of cynicism peppered in. Posts cover topics related to the profession of being a professor as well as topics on current events.

    Motivational Post: Google Questions for a New Year

  15. Prof-Like Substance

    Prof-Like Substance is written by a junior faculty member who works in a field of evolution, using a variety of different study organisms. Posts on this site are about the professional and personal life of the author.

    Motivational Post: Running Fool

  16. Life After Thesis

    Life After Thesis is a blog about pursuing postdoctoral research after achieving a terminal degree. The author offers insights on her professional and personal life and path to becoming a successful postdoctoral researcher.

    Motivational Post: Why Blogging is My Sunday Treat

  17. cackleofradness

    The cackleofradness is written by a scientist who is also a wife and mother. Site content is focused on her profesional as well as family life.

    Motivational Post: A Sadness You Can Do Nothing About

  18. The Unemployed Philosopher’s Blog

    The Unemployed Philosopher’s Blog is written by a philosophy grad student and part-time teacher. Posts on this blog are meant to challenge conventional wisdom and explore innovative ways to use a philosophical background

    Motivational Post: The Time Machine

  19. After Academe

    After Academe is written by a person who very recently received a PhD in English. This blog chronicles the career path of the recent graduate.

    Motivational Post: Are You a Generalist or a Specialist?

  20. Degrees of Transition

    Degrees of Transition is a blog dedicated to entry-level job searching and making the transition from school to a career. Posts on this site are meant to help recent grads get jobs faster after graduating.

    Motivational Post: 6 Resolutions for the New Year

  21. Recent Grad

    Recent Grad is a site designed for recent grads and run by recent grads who are on the job hunt. Posts and content on this site offer real life advice and tips on getting into the job market quicker after graduating.

    Motivational Post: Pro’s and Con’s of Being a Freelancer

  22. College Aftermath

    College Aftermath is a blog about life after college and the paths a person may take after graduating. Posts cover topics ranging from coping with personal emotions after graduating from college to getting into the job market.

    Motivational Post: Beating the Recent Grad Blues

  23. New Grad Life

    New Grad Life is a blog which features topics and posts about making the transition into the job market after graduating and moving on after completing an educational program. Content on this site is helpful for people in a transitional period with their career.

    Motivational Post: 6 Tips for Successful Networking

  24. Career Geek Blog

    Career Geek Blog is full of articles, information, views and interviews from people and students in the graduate market. This blog offers insight on the different stages in the graduate job process and getting a job.

    Motivational Post: Tips From the Top!

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Personal Branding

Managing your personal brand is a crucial part of any career now that everpresent online identities and social media accounts have made it possible for employers and colleagues to research you without your knowledge. Check out the sites below for strong advice on how to put your best foot forward online and in person.

  1. Say It Communications

    Say It Communications is a site focused on assessment solutions, personal branding, career consulting, and talent management systems. Content on this site is full of information about personal branding as well as resources for outside help.

    Motivational Post: A Personal Approach to Personal Branding

  2. The Personal Branding Blog

    William Arruda is a personal branding expert who shares his thoughts on the subject via his blog and also through presentations and public speaking engagements. William’s tips for leveraging your personal experience and ability to engage others on an emotional level can help anyone lift their career to new heights.

    Motivational Post: Feelings are the Fuel for Word of Mouth

  3. The Executive Brand

    The Executive Brand is a blog with blunt and straightforward advice about job searches and branding from an expert point of view. Content outlines the importance of branding and provides ideas for success.

    Motivational Post: The Power of Networking Strikes Again

  4. is a site about using personal empowerment and choice to achieve any goal in life. Site visitors will discover free tips for building an ideal personal and professional situation.

    Motivational Post: The Downside of Gratitude

  5. The Engaging Brand

    The Engaging Brand is a blog written from an expert point of view about the importance of branding in the business world. Posts on this site are inspiring and thought provoking and are full of ideas for successful branding.

    Motivational Post: Selling Your Products and Services Online

  6. Brand Yourself

    Brand Yourself teaches site visitors how to take control of their own online reputation and branding. Topics on this site are meant to inspire site users to take a DIY approach to Internet branding.

    Motivational Post: How It Works

  7. The Blog of Tim Ferris

    The Blog of Tim Ferris is about a modern adventurist and businessman, Tim Ferris. Posts on this site chronicle the adventures and lifestyle of Ferris and offer helpful insight to a successful personal brand.

    Motivational Post: The Magic of Thinking Big: How to Break World Records in Time Square

  8. Digital Royalty University

    Digital Royalty University teaches people how to be a better public figure and how to successfully represent yourself to an audience. This site contains information about the university and the classes they offer to students.

    Motivational Post: Royal Shorts

  9. Branding Personality

    Branding Personality is dedicated to helping people connect with a loyal customer base and attract long term sales through modernized methods. Posts on this site cover how to use marketing and branding to lure in new clientele and earn customers.

    Motivational Post: How to Make Pay Per Click Programs Work

  10. Keith Ferrazzi

    Keith Ferrazzi is a self-named site about building bridges to opportunity and putting visions into motion. Site users will discover expert perspective on promotion, branding, and other types of marketing.

    Motivational Post: Personal Branding is a Lie

  11. The Bamboo Project Blog

    The Bamboo Project Blog is focused on career conversations, connections, and clarity. Posts on this site offer a more creative perspective to marketing and branding than traditional thinking.

    Motivational Post: Letting Go

  12. The Branding Muse (Personal Branding for Students and Recent Grads)

    The Branding Muse is dedicated to personal branding for students and recent grads. Posts on this site are specifically written for the young professional who is transitioning from an educational setting into the business world.

    Motivational Post: 5 Benefits of Virtual Internships

  13. Career Rocketeer

    Career Rocketeer is full of expert advice on kick-starting your career into high gear. Posts are written from a motivational aspect on how to make the right moves to get you the job you want.

    Motivational Post: The Job Seeker’s Guide to a Good Attitude

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