Congratulations on your graduation with you Master’s degree!!

It is that time of year when graduations from high school and college take place! Everyone is looking at what is next!

  • Do I find a job and go to work?
  • Do I go to college?
  • Do I continue my education?
  • What should I do?

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!!

Recently, in a conversation with my nephew, who completed his Master’s degree, we were discussing what was next for his future. A part of that decision was whether to consider going after a doctorate degree. Choosing to take your education to the highest level can be a tough decision, for many they leap without understanding what all is involved in obtaining a doctorate. For some it is a personal goal, just a dream they want to achieve for themselves. For others, it is important for their career.

Going for a doctorate degree is a serious decision and one not to be taken lightly! The reason for the statement is to ensure one is ready for the journey. The statement, my university is always saying is that 1 – 2% of those who start will graduate, how accurate is that, well I have not researched it. Many of my friends and classmates started their doctorate, but have no completed the journey. Some individuals start and have to take a break for personal reasons, which was my situation and many others stop for personal reasons. A doctorate degree can take from three to seven years to complete, since it is unlike any other degree earned, the time is based upon the individual and hours worked.

Understanding what is all involved in the doctorate degree is important, as is knowing the abbreviations. Most individuals think of a PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) when the word doctorate is used, the fact is there are many types of doctorate degrees outside of the medical field.

Back in 2015, one of my first blogs was about the different doctorate degrees and their abbreviations. After my conversation with my nephew about his future goals, this month’s blog is to remind those who are wanting to obtain a doctorate degree about the variety of programs out there.

Not only are there are a variety of doctorate programs, but most programs offer a variety of concentrations or emphasis or specializations. The key to selecting the right doctorate letters and specializations is to determine what is required for your future goals (another blog written previously). Knowing your goals and path are very important to deciding on what doctorate and specialization is the best course of action.

Here is the list of many abbreviations for doctorate programs! Good luck and the best dissertation is a done dissertation!

DA Doctor of Arts
DAS Doctor of Applied Science
DBA Doctor of Business Administration
DCL Doctor of Civil Law
DCM Doctor of Church Music
DD Doctor of Divinity
DEd Doctor of Education
DLS Doctor of Library Science
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DMin Doctor of Ministry
DMiss Doctor of Missiology
DPA Doctor of Public Administration
DPH Doctor of Public Health
DRE Doctor of Religious Education
DSW Doctor of Social Welfare or Social Work
DSc Doctor of Science
EdD Doctor of Education
JD Doctor of Laws
JSD Doctor of Juristic Science
LHD Doctor of Humanities
LittD Doctor of Humane Letters
LLD Doctor of Laws
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PsyD Doctor of Psychology
ScD Doctor of Science
SJD Doctor of Juridical Science
SScD Doctor of Social Science
STD Doctor of Sacred Theology
ThD Doctor of Theology