As the year of 2016 is preparing to end and as we head into the New Year of 2017, one of the tasks many people do is set their New Year’s Resolution. What is your New Year’s resolution?

For many people, their primary goal is to lose weight, but what is your’s? Have you been considering whether to continue your education in terms of seeking a doctorate degree or you still debating whether it is worth it or not? In business, ROI is the return on investment and the purpose of ROI is to ensure that whatever programs, software or project a company undertakes that there will be a return in terms of them achieving set goals and objectives, which most generally means growing financially. Many individuals want to sit back and put a number on whether a doctorate degree will increase their financial means to justify the cost of undertaking such along task and paying for the education program. While this may seem true for some people, but it does not hold true for all people.

As for myself, ROI was important because in the field of academia having a doctorate degree opens more doors from teaching more classes to full-time teaching positions. While my doctoral journey began as a goal that would increase my financial means and I would see that return on investment, now my journey is about going the distance and finishing my doctorate for my mom. When I began all of my educational journeys, my mom did not understand why I wanted seek out such higher educational goals. My educational goals allowed me to care for my mom and spend her final years making some wonderful memories. During that journey, my mom understood my goals, the doctoral journey had to take a backseat until my mom passed away. Today, I continue on my journey and in 2017, the dissertation begins with Chapter 1. For me, this next journey is dedicated to my mom and dad, whom I wish were here to share this goal with.

For me, the ROI is no longer necessary and for others it is a personal goal. A friend of mine says that obtaining his doctorate degree was a personal goal and nothing else. He has a great career, but the doctorate was not about earning more just reaching a personal goal.

As we enter the 2017 year, think about it why would you or would you not decide to continue and work towards your doctorate? What is holding back your decision?

Many times, the only one holding us back is ourselves, fear, self-doubt, or time. If your dream about achieving your doctorate degree, ask yourself why have you not started? What is holding you back?


As Nike’s slogan says, “Just do it!!” We can overthink things which causes one not to take action. 2017 is a great year to start your doctoral journey as we focus on tips for the dissertation and more. Find your motivation and get started this year, you are not alone! Reach out to others working on their doctorate for support, we are here and set the goal to achieve your dreams!! Now bring on 2017!!


Have a wonderful and blessed 2017!! See you in the New Year!!