Many universities and colleges allow the doctoral students can select their dissertation chair and committee. Now this is not true for all universities and colleges, it is something to consider when selecting where to obtain your doctoral degree. There are many thoughts of theory when it comes to selecting a dissertation chair and two committee members. Remember to become peer-reviewed the requirement is three doctorates. Some universities and colleges will allow guest doctorates to serve on a dissertation committee, it does require special permission.


Currently, this is the phase where I am in my doctoral program. The university I am attending allows me to select my committee members. My first criteria for a dissertation chair is in my field of study and is responsive. With today’s world of technology, taking a week or more to get a response is not acceptable to me. Even a quick note does not take long, so those are my first two criteria for my dissertation chair. My third criteria is an individual that is going to push me to do my best and push me to grow. There are those who say focus on completing the dissertation, which is my goal, at the same though, I want to grow and learn. In the future, my plan is to do additional research and so it is extremely important for me to master the research process. Other believe it is important to consider a dissertation chair who works with your research methodology, which is important to have at a minimum of one individual that specializes in your research methodology.

One of the questions, I asked of my dissertation chair was for recommendations on committee members. This is a good place to start since most of the professors at the college will have an idea of who would be appropriate or not. My dissertation chair recommended selecting someone who is familiar with my research methodology. My study is a correlation quantitative study, therefore members who understand and are knowledgeable in statistical research are important.


At the time of this blog, my committee members have not been chosen, but my focus is responsiveness and research methodology. There are a couple of things to keep in mind in that in addition to the committee, you may need someone to assists with the statistics in the event of a quantitative study and an editor. It is time to plan ahead to have the team assembled to ensure that your dissertation gets edited and completed in a timely fashion.

The dissertation is the final stage of the doctorate program and many people do not finish the process. A dissertation is not the time to procrastinate and think things can wait, it is a time for planning and preparing to go the distance. For me, the dissertation will begin in January and for the next month, I will be pulling research so that I have information read to begin.

You can do this, just prepare and plan for your dissertation! Know you are not alone!