Congratulations!! So, you have decided to go after your doctorate degree, but which doctorate degree do you go for?

One of the biggest questions is what doctorate do you go for. There are many opinions on which doctorate, a DBA, a PhD, an EdD or one of the many others.

  • DBA = Doctorate of Business Administration
  • PhD = Doctorate of Philosophy
  • EdD = Doctorate of Education

One of the many recommendations I hear is go for an EdD degree, because so many people believe that if one has their doctorate they want to teach at the college level. The challenge is not everyone wants to teach K-12 or at the college level and therefore an EdD may not be appropriate. An education degree is not required to teach college level courses, but 18 hours in the field of study is required to teach that topic. Therefore, if you want to teach at the college level make sure the degree is going to fit with what you want to teach.

Each type of doctorate offers a wide variety of emphasis or specialization, select one that works towards your future goals versus what interests you today. Just because an EdD has an emphasis in your field make sure the jobs want an EdD, since many times specific fields are looking for specific degrees. For example, the accounting or technology industry is not going to want an EdD degree.

If teaching is not your goal, then again make sure to do the research and determine what degree will fit best with your career goals. Doctorate degrees are great and require a major time commitment, therefore it is extremely important to ensure your selection fits your goals.

For example, in my own personal situation, one of my goals is to become a licensed Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and to do that I need a Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD). Therefore, that is what my degree is a PsyD with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership.

With the use of social media today, there is an enormous amount of information and connections we can ask for advice, keep in mind the best advice for yourself is determining your goals and doing your own research. Search the job sites for the jobs you would like to have to determine what degrees are required and in what fields. Some companies care more than other companies, when it comes to degree requirements. There is no one size fits all and fields can become saturated with too many to where it can create employment challenges. As I teach in my Marketing courses, research and environment scanning are important even when it comes to job searching. Remember your career is about marketing yourself and that means having the right degrees and skill sets to fit the job.

A doctorate degree is about research and before starting a program it is best to do research before signing up for a program. Career goals can change along the journey, that is true, but some plan is better than no plan.

Good luck in your doctoral journey!!