For the past couple of months, my blogs have been about research, because doctoral programs are all about research. While it is easy for us to research via Google on a daily basis, this type of research is not acceptable for doctoral work. So the college or university library has to become our friend.

Last month, I created a video utilizing my school’s database to show you how to research in terms of narrowing the research or using broad research techniques. This month, I want to show you how to utilize reference pages to save time. Some professors will require you to read specific articles and then write about the topic, this is great because the article probably has a reference page which can quickly lead us to more articles on the same or similar topics.

So this week, my work is about ethics and so I did some research via the college library to find a couple of articles to use for this months blog.

Reference Picture 2

Here is a reference page from an article about accounting departments and ethics. When looking at this reference page, we can search out authors or article titles that fit our current research needs and then seek them out in the school library. Use quotation marks around titles because that makes the database search for that exact match.

Reference Picture 3

See it was that easy to find another article on the same topic. So much quicker than scrolling through hundreds if not thousands of articles.

Reference Picture 1Or perhaps you will find an article that shows blue links when looking at while in the school database. The blue letters mean there is a hyperlink associated and if you click on it, then you will open the article as a pdf file or the website. Another quick way to research and save time.

Using the reference page of an article that fits your research needs or has already been approved by your professor is a great way to save time. Research is important, but utilizing the techniques presented in this blog will help save time.

Here is a video of this month’s blog as well.

Good luck and Happy Researching!!