“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

By Norman Vincent Peale

For the past several months, this doctoral blog has been about how to perform research and locate the peer-reviewed and scholarly articles required for a doctoral program. For this month, I would like to talk about statistics, the tools and resources to assist you in being successful in statistics class.

There are those individuals that love math and statistics, where it just seems to make sense and then there are those like me where statistics if far from a natural thought process. So whether you enjoy statistics or fear statistics, this month’s blog will provide some tools and tips that I have personally have been using for my advanced statistics course.

Depending upon the college you attend and their requirements, typically at a minimum you will take two or more statistic courses. In my degree program, the requirement was a statistics course that involved using SPSS software from IBM and then an advanced statistics course that was more about writing a research proposal for a dissertation. The number of courses and types of courses will vary by school along with what tools are available to assist you being successful.

Stay Positive

Like many I started out afraid and scared of statistics that fear overwhelmed me and blocked my learning along with creating negativity. A friend of mine suggested that I focus on being positive, because we could get through class and could conquer statistics. Well I made a valid effort to focus on being positive and for affirmation, every couple of days I would post a positive statement about statistics to my Facebook page. They say writing your goals down is important to achieving your goals, so I figured it was the best way to publicly affirm my goals and pass statistics.

The second thing I did was make Norman Vincent Peale’s saying posted at the start of this blog as my goal. Getting A’s is great, but it is far more important to learn the information and pass class than just obtain an A. Statistics is an important piece of the dissertation and understanding statistics to build the defense of your dissertation.

So remember to stay positive and do not let the negativity get you down, you can do statistics just give it the time, research and get the tools you need.


So first SPSS software that is made by IBM is a program many schools use as a statistics tool. Depending upon the school they may provide a student version or smaller version of the software program. SPSS is software where the licenses are sold for one year and it can be extremely expensive if not purchased as a student or educator.

For student discounts on software, I like to make purchases from and have great deals on SPSS for students. So if you need a wide variety of software programs, I would strongly recommend them for purchases. Just know that proof of being a student is requirement so be prepared for the required documentation.



Let Youtube be your friend, there are literally hundreds of videos on Youtube about the different aspects of statistics. Some of the videos are better done than others, but find those that are easy for you to understand. The videos that worked for me, may not work for you, but there are loads of options in terms of videos about the different aspects of statistics. So great tool!

Laerd Statistics

When doing a Google search for statistics information, Laerd Statistics may come up and if so that is great. Laerd Statistics provided some clear explanations and specific examples about statistics. It is not necessary to purchase their packages to read the information about statistics. So if Laerd Statistics comes up in your search they are a good choice.

These are a few of the tools that I am currently using to get through my Advanced Statistics. This is my current course and thought it might provide some information for those who are facing statistics now and in the future.

For some statistical humor, here is a cute cartoon I found online.