Research Graphic Last month, my blog was about the different types of research. This month it is about how to use the college databases. Every college has a different set of databases, but there are a couple of databases that every college has in their school library. Two of the most popular databases are Ebscohost and ProQuest; these are my two favorite databases for a couple of reasons.

Both Ebscohost and ProQuest cover a wide variety of topics, they can be accessed utilizing one particular focus or by searching all of their different topic databases. I like to search each of these databases for my assignments, typically I will find more than enough research in these two databases to support my research papers.

One of the things that I hear frequently from my students and others is that these databases are different than Google. Change can be difficult and Google has created a search engine that allows you to ask detailed questions. So to help better understand how to use these databases at college libraries, I have created a video for this month.

The video this month captures my screen and the school library that I am attending. The video is based on research that I was conducting for my own homework. The goal is to show you that the search is not complicated, but to give you tips for success. Here are the tips to remember:

  1. Keep the words simple
  2. Focus on key words
  3. Selected Peer-reviewed and scholarly journals upfront to save time
  4. Can add words using “AND” or “OR” to retrieve less articles
  5. Focus on allowing it to select words throughout the article versus the title only
  6. Do not expect an article to pop-up that fits the assignment perfectly

These are great tips to help you find articles quicker and more efficiently so that you are getting the peer-reviewed and empirical research that is required for doctoral programs.

Next month, we will continue our discussion about research and tools that can be used to help write papers in a doctoral program.

Enjoy the video!