Top 25 Education Technology Sites in 2012

At every level of education, from primary school through doctoral studies, technological fluency is becoming essential to success. Though the education industry has not always been an early adopter of new technologies, the ubiquity of high speed internet connections and mobile communication devices now is leading some teachers, especially those who instruct young children, to embrace new tech in their classrooms. The following sites are some prime examples of ways that educators have integrated technology and education to enrich their students’ learning experiences.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog

    Cool Cat Teacher Blog is all about “teaching students with new tools, enthusiasm, and belief that teaching is a noble calling.” The blog features links to other educational resources online, including free ebooks and other downloadable content.

  2. The Innovative Educator

    Lara Nielsen, the author of The Innovative Educator, advocates for the use of technology in education, and she has given lectures and contributed to numerous blogs. She is also the author of the book Teaching Generation Text.

  3. eLearning Blog: Don’t Waste Your Time

    This blog confronts misconceptions about eLearning and discusses various technologies and trends in the digitization of learning.

  4. Ask A Tech Teacher

    This blog covers a combination of homeschooling and technology topics. The author offers tech tips, homeschool lesson plans, and advice on how to integrate technology into education.

  5. Primary Edutech

    This site is dedicated to primary teachers and aims to provide info and advice about technologies that can be useful in primary classrooms, such as interactive whiteboards, iPads, and blogs.

  6. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog

    Many of the posts on Ozge Karaoglu’s blog highlight useful technologies for a particular activity that could be used in a classroom or other educational setting. The blog mainly features tools that are useful for teaching very young students.

  7. iLearn Technology

    iLearn Technology is presented as “An EduBlog about integrating technology into the classroom.” The author cut her teeth working in actual classrooms with elementary students, and then moved into freelance technology training and consulting.

  8. Teaching Literacy in the Early Years

    This blog offers “practical ideas, strategies and resources for teaching literacy skills in the classroom.

  9. Langwitches Blog

    This blogger’s international background (born in Germany, raised in Argentina, lives in the U.S.), gives her a unique perspective on globally connected education systems empowered by technology, especially when applied to the learning of language.

  10. Creative STAR Learning

    The STAR in “Creative STAR” is short for Support, Training, Advice, and Resources,” which is what the blogger on this site aims to provide. Juliet Robertson provides education advice, especially relating to outdoor learning, through various venues.

  11. Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

    This blog chronicles the educational adventures of Mrs. Yollis, a second and third grade teacher with a master’s degree in integrating technology in the classroom.

  12. Teaching Generation Now

    This blog reviews tech tools for teachers and general educational tools that can be useful for parents and students as well.

  13. Prof. deBock’s Innovator Network Blog

    Prof. deBock describes this blog as an “outreach to teachers, students, and just about everyone else who wants to feel empowered (not overwhelmed) by the wave of new technologies that is emerging everyday.”


    This blog is dedicated to help educational bloggers with emerging technologies. It is set up through the Edublogs community, which helps educational bloggers share their experiences and promote the blogging medium.

  15. CristinaSkyBox

    Cristina Pratas, the blogger at CristinaSkyBox, writes about the intersection of education and technology, while highlighting resources for all types of learners.

  16. Thumann Resources

    Lisa Thumann blogs here about her many endeavors in building and promoting education technology tools. Thumann works at Kean Universities School for Global Education & Innovation.

  17. Educational Technology in ELT

    This blog is all about tech tools that can enhance language-learning. The site features games and general info for teachers and students of the English language.

  18. Teaching… My Calling

    This blog, written by a 4th grade teacher who is also a school technology coordinator and webmaster, offers advice on how to introduce new technologies to elementary aged students, as well as other tech advice for educators.

  19. Technology Tailgate

    This site has sections about all kinds of educational technologies, including interactive whiteboards, mobile devices like iPads and iPhones, and free online guides to help students and teachers connect using technology.

  20. Margaret A. Powers

    This blog is the professional resumé of a professional educator and tech coordinator for schools, and the blog features a healthy mix of personal experiences and professional recommendations for teachers using technology, especially with young students.

  21. Mr. Riley’s Blog

    Mr. Riley’s Blog is “a place for teachers who are using technology in their classrooms to find age appropriate lesson ideas and technology news.”

  22. From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning

    This site’s focus is quite specific: “A conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula.”

  23. Virtual School Meanderings

    This blog is mostly focused on distance learning and virtual education in the K-12 age group. The blogger, who also puts out a podcast, discusses K-12 academic learning in a variety of contexts.

  24. Ed Tech Ideas

    Ed Tech Ideas is a place for busy teachers to find ideas about ways to integrate teacher-tested technology into their classrooms.

  25. Friday Flash

    This is the blog of a retired teacher who “rewired” and continues to provide technology/education integration support in the Forsyth County School System in Cumming, Georgia.