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The Dish on Online PhD Programs

Hello followers! I am the new blogger for My name is Ila Allen, Ph.D. and I looking forward to giving and receiving information on All Things Dissertation via the online experience and the process that comes along with it. … Continue reading

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10 Trusted Learning Tips for PhD Students

If you’re a PhD candidate, you’ve been in college long enough (hopefully) to know how to avoid mistakes freshman commonly make. Nonetheless, there is an inherent learning curve for any new experience and going after the most prestigious accreditation a … Continue reading

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Top 25 Education Technology Sites in 2012

At every level of education, from primary school through doctoral studies, technological fluency is becoming essential to success. Though the education industry has not always been an early adopter of new technologies, the ubiquity of high speed internet connections and … Continue reading

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20 Best Sites for Helpful Dissertation Tips

If writing a dissertation was as easy as making a grilled-cheese sandwich, no one would write about it. But, search engines show thousands of entries focused on dissertation tools, tips, and guides. You’ll also find dissertation writing groups as well … Continue reading

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