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How to Get Exposure

Greetings and Salutations!  Winter has settled in for a few more bumps especially in the Midwest and East Coast part of the country. Just as snow keeps coming back to Boston so does the re-writes and challenges of the dissertation process.  As one goes through an online program you begin to see the differences between your program and the “traditional” program.  Being an online student I believe that there is no exposure in terms of academic colleagues (unless online), meet-ups, conferences, etc.  I am a firm believer of joining professional organizations in order to engage with those who have the same research interest or methodology.

The traditional students are exposed to this information from their mentors and other faculty that are in the department and throughout the institution.  My fellow colleagues, who were in my online program, did not attend conferences due to a variety reasons, cost, lack of knowledge, time, or did not feel the need.  I went to several qualitative conferences that I paid for out of my own funds for it was worth the exposure to those who were in my field of research. At these conferences I presented twice and met some new people to network with.  I found it very exciting learning about other peoples research, especially if I have cited them and get to meet them in person as well.

Conferences bring together a smorgasbord of intellects of all academic levels. I was a newbie in the research arena but they were more than willing to lend advice or give me tips to move along in the doctoral journey. Also at the conferences they would have a book sale and more often than not the actual authors were there. I had the opportunity to meet many of the ones who wrote my research books and it was a treat to meet them and even signed some of my books.  I currently keep in touch with one of the authors and when I needed help with one of the methods in his book, he was kind enough take the time and give me some assistance when I need help, priceless.

If I had not gone to this conference I would have never met him nor the researcher who created some qualitative software that was just being introduced at the time, PRICELESS! Being an online student we sometimes do not have the amenities/opportunities that is offered to our ground or traditional students, at least I didn’t.  I do feel that the online universities needs to looking into helping the scholar and presenting them with opportunities to network. It would be nice to see them implement something like a small stipend to those that have a great research plan and support them at a conference.  Most traditional students have a grant that is attached to their mentor or something that they have obtained on their own.

During my tenure as a doctoral student, I joined several professional/academic organizations that were either qualitative or research oriented with regards to my discipline. Again, this was paid for out of my own funds, for I worked a full-time and part-time job while I was in school (and still do).  Online schools do have their advantages but there is a tradeoff unless you work directly in the area of research in which you are pursuing your doctorate. When attending conferences, one might inquire to see if they are providing any funds to attend or wave the conference fee. Ask the academic institution to provide a small stipend (all they can say is no), maybe they have not done so before, and you could be the first.

Being an online student one has to become creative when looking for alternative resources in terms of funding, networking, and overall support from the institution. I know there is a lot on the plate especially if you are working, juggling a family, or just trying to keep one’s head above water. If just one person would try something, perfect it, and then recruit others, that would build a network of like-minded people. I hope this becomes a bit of “food for thought”. TTFN




Refresh! Motivation! Game Time!

The holidays are over and January is on its way out the door. Hopefully while on your brief hiatus, you have had time to make new goals and a timeline to reach the next rung on the ladder. When I was part of doctoral process, I made myself take those holidays in order to rejuvenate myself in terms of reassessing my goals. The process does not stop until you have defended and uploaded the dissertation to ProQuest therefore; it is always there beckoning to be finished. A new year tends to lead to a new perspective of what needs to be completed, new goals, what needs to change, and the steps to get there. So, this seems to bring you back to the planning stage like in the beginning.

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How to Connect With Fellow Online Students While Studying Online

Hello once again and let’s take a trip down Friendship Lane. In the days long ago before technology was in the forefront people used to call each other, stop by and visit, walk to school together hence fellowship. Now we text, text, and text some more hence technology is first and foremost. Traditional (ground) students get together to have study sessions, meet at a coffee shop, library, or someone’s home. These study sessions are all fine and dandy if your fellow classmates are a car distance away, hop on a train or meet on campus. What about the online student (new traditional) whose classmates and professors are miles, states, or continents apart? Online students need to form online communities of support, networking groups that lend themselves to being able to communicate with their fellow online students.

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Job Search-Academia or Non-Academia

Happy Halloween (if you partake of the festivities) and November is right around the corner!

This month I would like to talk about what I think about the job search once one has obtained their Ph.D. A lot of people are at various stages of the dissertation process or have completed it. Most but not all have a goal to become a tenured professor for that is what academia has deemed to be the crème de le crème or “Holy Grail” of academic achievement. Depending on one’s particular discipline this may or may not be an option for a multitude of reasons. A lot of you are already adjunct professors and in the pipeline at your institution but for the online doctoral student that is not so much the case if your “home” institution is online.

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Let’s Make it Easier-There’s an App for That!

Let’s Make it Easier-There’s an App for That!

As we all know technology is part of our lifestyle in some form, shape, or fashion. With being a student, technology is most helpful provided you allow it to be. Since I am user of technology for the most part, I still had to make adjustments during my doctoral studies. When I started my program in 2008, I was unaware of the tools/apps there were available to make my life easier. There were the usual Endnotes (free from my school), Zotero, and RefWorks (all web-based) that was used for bibliographies and article tracking. At that particular time that was ok but as I advanced in the program those really didn’t work for me or I was just stuck in my “own way” of doing things.

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Back to School/Get Ready-To Get Ready

This time of year the majority of school aged children are returning to school after a summer break. Their parents are purchasing uniforms, new backpacks, and much needed school supplies. The kids have to get in the right mind-set of returning to school and get ready for their first day. The same goes for adults when returning to school. Starting an online program can have an extreme learning curve if you are a “first time” online student.

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Dissertation Writing Pt. 2

This post is a continuation of the discussion on dissertation writing. In this post I will go over the tools and resources that I used to get started. Let’s open with pre-writing, which I deem to be getting the thoughts, ideas, and concepts on paper. There are a few methods; some better than others, left to one’s personal preference.

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Dissertation Writing Pt. 1

The Learning Curves and Preparation for Writing the Dissertation

As I stated in my first blog, I was not the traditional student. It had been over 20 years since I had been in school when I returned to finish my Bachelor’s degree. There was limited writing in my undergraduate program and the writing that took place the papers was very short in length. I then made the decision to embark on graduate school, and that is where the lack of experience became very real. I was not prepared to write graduate school, academic quality papers but I quickly learned.

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The Mechanics of My Online PhD Program

Since I have just completed an online doctoral program, I have taken a bit of time to reflect on the process. When making the decision to attend an online doctoral program one must do their homework. Look at all the programs, see how they are facilitated, ask if you can see a past syllabus, etc. just to get the feel of the class. When entering an online PhD program I highly advise one to have a plan of action for you only have seven years to complete the “entire” program (at least at Capella), which is from the first class within your course work through the final dissertation. Find out what the policies are in terms of taking a leave of absence for whatever reason. Understand the dynamics of the asynchronous classroom and the expectations of the instructor for they can vary from class to class and program to program.

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The Dish on Online PhD Programs

Hello followers! I am the new blogger for My name is Ila Allen, Ph.D. and I looking forward to giving and receiving information on All Things Dissertation via the online experience and the process that comes along with it. I am not the traditional student for I started late in life with education but have made a full circle in completing the course that I set upon. Education is for anybody who has the tenacity, discipline, and age should not be a stipulation by no means.

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